On The Lake 

Happy Monday! Today I’m in the office wishing I was still enjoying my weekend. I can’t believe it’s already August! This is my birthday month and we move out of our place at the end of this month as well!

This past weekend we went out on a houseboat with a couple friends. It was such a nice and relaxing time and just felt nice to not have to worry about anything! I also got to watch the guys go tubing and really there is nothing as hilarious as that. 

We decided to come back early from the lake and tackle some of the things we need to get done for moving. All of Sunday was spent cleaning, organizing and throwing things away! It felt great and we got so much done! We still have SO much to do but feels a little more under control now!

Our next couple weekends are looking just as busy but have a lot of fun things going on. What did you guys do this weekend?


7 thoughts on “On The Lake 

    1. You should go if you get the chance soon! Such a good time! Also, watching people tube is actually my favorite. So funny! If you do tube though, you will be sore!! You have been warned hahahaha

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