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Why Florida?

So, how did we land on Florida? Well honestly it started like this… 

Like I had said in this announcement post, we have known we’ve wanted to live somewhere else for a couple years now. The only thing was, where? We didn’t always have a particular place in mind. We started throwing out options and many of them were much closer and more “logical”. When these places came up we would always say pros and cons and somehow Florida was always thrown in there. “What if we just moved to Florida?!” “That would be so crazy…”

So after maybe the fifth time Florida was said we started questioning why it was so crazy. Sure it’s really far but its not impossible. We aren’t moving to another country (which is still possible and people do). But why was this one place so crazy?
Once we got it in our minds that we really were drawn there, I started researching everything I could about the areas we liked and things I should know! Luckily, my family goes and lives there multiple months out of the year so I was able to reach out to them and get some information from people I really trusted. My next source? Pinterest!

I looked up “Pros and Cons of Moving to Florida” and TONS of posts and pictures came up! I also founds tons of information about long distance moves and the pros and cons of that. 

I can’t stress enough how important really thinking and researching a decision like this is. Of course you need to follow your heart but there were many places that once we looked into it, just didn’t feel right. This just fit for us. Even though we were following our hearts we wanted to do it in a smart way. 

There are so many amazing sources to really help you look into whatever it is you are wanting to do with your life. It also made me feel comforted that many have done something like this before! 

I would love to hear if you’ve ever done a big move! I would also love to hear if you are the type that likes to research before jumping into something! Happy Wednesday! 


12 thoughts on “Why Florida?

  1. How funny! I actually made the move from Massachusetts to south Florida when I turned 18. Do you have any specific areas in Florida that you’re interested in? Down here in Miami it was a bit of a culture shock for me, but I love it now 🙂 Wishing you the best in your endeavors!

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