Moving Tips! 

Happy Monday Friends! I’ve learned so much about moving long distance lately and am still learning more as we go. So much to do, so much to think about! One thing that has really helped me is taking it one step at a time. This sounds obvious but when doing a big move/life change like this you immediately think about EVERYTHING you need to do and what hasn’t happened yet. It’s extremely overwhelming.

I thought I would give some tips on what has helped me so far while in this moving process. I will also be doing many more posts on the process and getting more in depth on certain parts of it but thought I would start off first with how to mentally prepare and help yourself!

1.Focus on one things at a time

I immediately started thinking about everything I had to do and before long had the shortest fuse and it just wasn’t fun anymore. I felt like I was getting nowhere. So I scaled back and did one thing at a time. First I focused on a job, then housing, then how to get our stuff there, ext.

2. Create a binder!

This was the best thing I ever did. My mom actually gave me a binder she used for her move and it was a lifesaver. I was able put all my notes and thoughts into one place. Before, I was writing things everywhere and felt so scattered. Each tab has a different thing to focus on: Townhouse(moving out), New apartment, moving truck, ext. In those tabs I have check box’s with things I need to do and also room to put documents I need to keep together.

3. It’s never too early to start looking for places

I thought I was looking way to early when I started apartment hunting 2 months in advance. I was sadly mistaken. The market is always 2 steps ahead.For example, I was looking to move into a new place at the end of September and started looking in July. I thought that was plenty of time! Nope! Luckily, we did find one. But apartments were already leasing for October. I know everywhere can be different but at least doing some research and calling around will help gage when you need to get serious. A whole post on apartment finding coming soon!

4. Pack everything in little stints.

I was so excited to get everything going that I just didn’t stop! You know that feeling when you get into spring cleaning or something like that and just can’t stop? That was my life. Then I realized I also needed to enjoy life and the people around me. Take a break and do things when you have time. My best friend suggested I do a little bit each night after work and it totally helped! I would pick one task and work on completing it that night. Then I didn’t need to spend my weekends feeling like I needed to spend them shut away packing.

5. Let people help you

Sometimes you have to realize you can’t do everything by yourself. For whatever reason, even though Nick wants to help I just try and do it all on my own. Lately I’ve been trying to ask for help and receive help when people offer. Even little things like Nick taking care of dishes or helping me go through our stuff while I pack helps so much because I don’t have to stop what I’m doing constantly.

Any of you have tips for moving that have helped you? I would love to hear!



20 thoughts on “Moving Tips! 

  1. Moving is the-WORST. I recently relocated & will probably be doing so again within the next year, I will definitely be referencing this post!! Best of luck to you guys! It’ll all be worth it when you’re settled in your new home!!! XO

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