Brewfesting At It’s Finest

Recently I went down to Downieville for a brewfest and let me just tell you; they are AMAZING. This is the second one I’ve been to and it definitely did not disappoint! Even if you aren’t a real big beer drinker I think its a great way to be able to taste some and have a wonderful time. There are also usually some great food trucks to entice you as well! 🙂

A couple things I’ve learned from the one’s I’ve been to:

-There are two kinds of brewfests:

 1. You purchase a ticket and then have to purchase tokens. You then use those tokens to purchase tasters. OR 2. You purchase a ticket and when you arrive they give you a glass and then…YOU GO TO TOWN!  As cheap as it may sound thats my kind of brewfest! They are just as good, you save money, and get to try so many great beers. They also have buckets where you can pour out samples you don’t like as much.

-Bring a backpack! Downieville is a super small town so we all walked to where the brewfest was taking place. My friend was trying to decide if she should bring a bag and we both decided she definitely needed to bring her little backpack. Everyone thought we were NUTS. They changed there minds when they saw we had a place to put all the swag we got… 🙂

-GET ALL THE SWAG! It’s seriously just so fun! We got stickers, fans, coozies and bottle openers! A brewery was even giving out hats but we were too late to snag any! Next year we will be back!

-Be prepared to sweat it out, drink ALL the water before! This also depends on where yours is taking place but ours was right smack dab in the middle of summer and on hot asphalt. We gravitated to any shade we could get. Also, the more beer you drink, the better! 😉

Yes…that fan is sticking to my leg because of sweat. Yummy.

-We had a big group of us go and that made it even more fun! You always end up splitting off with different people at different times to go and grab second tastes of certain beers or ciders!

Events like these are so much fun and what summer is all about! Ever since last year I couldn’t wait for this to come around again! Have any of you ever been to a brewfest? Happy Wednesday!!


4 thoughts on “Brewfesting At It’s Finest

    1. Oh girl I hear ya!! This one is in a super duper small town and it’s only the second year of them doing it so we never even had to stand in lines! I would probably have a very different opinion if I had to. Haha


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