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Apartment Hunters 

Once I accepted my job offer I knew the apartment search had to begin. I immediately started looking at different places in a couple of towns I was interested in around the Orlando area. Before I had even gotten my job I started looking at apartments and realized it was just too hard. There were so many great places it seemed and so hard to pin down where to live if I didn’t know where I would be working. Once I knew the location of my office I would be able to plan better.   

Our move is a little different than the average one because we are going sight unseen. We didn’t want to make a separate trip just to look at places and we didn’t want to get there and then start looking while spending money on hotels. I started asking my new soon to be co-workers and boss what areas they like and most importantly were safe. I narrowed it down to three areas but still felt so overwhelmed. It depends on the area but Orlando has TONS of apartments. One night Nick tried searching as well and after 20 minutes said “Wow no wonder your stressed, there are too many options! Where do you even start?!” Helllooooo that’s what I’ve been saying!  

One girl at my new office had mentioned something about apartment hunters but I didn’t know anything about that and didn’t know what charges for something like that would be. After a few frustrating weeks I finally just googled “ Apartment Hunters” and BOOM. My life changed.

Apartment Hunters in Orlando is a company that will help you find an apartment that’s right for you and its completely FREE. Yup! They also don’t get commission off you going with a certain apartment complex so you never feel pressured. They let me know they get paid out of the marketing budget of apartments so to people like you and me, they are free! I spoke with one of the nicest girls for probably a half hour on everything I wanted and like in a place. She told me what areas to avoid and which were great.
Once we hung up, she sent me a link by email with 10 apartments she thought fit what we needed. We then went in and could “favorite” however many we wanted. On the site it lets you see pictures and give you all the information you need to know including charges. We picked 5! She then went in the next day and called them all and got us final pricing and availability. After that it’s up to you! You pick which one you like and then contact the apartment directly! SO simple!

One thing I wanted to throw in was our girl was extremely available . We could call her, text her, and email and got responses so quickly! It felt good to know that if we had a question she was totally ready to help! Not every place may be like this but fingers crossed because it was extremely helpful.
We found an apartment we liked and when filling out the application just put “apartment hunters” for how we heard about them! This was such an amazing thing for us because going sight unseen is SCARY! But with their help and the words of my new coworkers we are excited and hopeful about the place we picked. We also picked a shorter lease incase it’s not exactly what we want.

I would highly recommend using services like this even if you are able to look at apartments in person! They help narrow the search down for you and make it much less stressful! If we choose to move again to a different area I would absolutely use them and once I have my picks narrowed down would visit the complex’s in person.

I hope this helps anyone currently looking to move! I would love to hear if any of you have used a service like this! I couldn’t wait to share because I know I was struggling big time! Happy Friday!!:)



11 thoughts on “Apartment Hunters 

    1. Awe thanks Jamie!! It really was! I was so nervous about picking an area I would hate with not seeing it first. One of the apartments we mentioned to her she said “oh yeah no you definitively don’t want that”. Life saver!


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