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Stepping Up The Accessory Game 

I’ve mentioned Boho Betty a few times on here and wanted to take some time to highlight them a bit. I’ve never been one to accessorize and have been trying to work on that lately. The Boho Betty bracelets make it so easy and fun to accessorize any outfit! I’ve been playing around lately with mine and even my best friend has been loving hers!

My style is very much on the casual side so I love that these bracelets fit that but also give my outfits a bit of flare. I also wore one of these to a wedding I went to recently and it was just perfect! 



Definitely check them out and if you do find something you love use code KAITLYNFOS8 at checkout for 20% off!

Boho Betty always has amazing deals going on and I think these bracelets are perfect to give for gifts to any loved ones. Or to even just treat yourself! 

What are some of your favorite ways to accessorize? More of my favorites are coming later this week! 

This post does contain affiliate links. I do receive a small commission on any sales made with my affiliate link however all opinions are my own. 


16 thoughts on “Stepping Up The Accessory Game 

  1. These are super adorable. I usually wear hoop earrings but they make my neck cold in the winter so I’ve been bare. That’s about how savvy I am at accessorizing hahaha.

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