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August Favorites 

It’s that time again! I can’t believe another month has flown by! This month felt especially fast with my birthday and our move that I blinked and it was the last day of the month. In July I did my first real monthly favorites and loved it so much I couldn’t wait to do another one for August! If you missed my July favorites you can read that here.

August has been all about accessorizing for me! Two of my favorite new items I got for my birthday and it takes all my power to not wear them every day! Let’s get into it!

1.Addidas Superstars- It was no secret to anyone close to me how bad I wanted these. On Monday I talked about how I’m not usually the accessory type person and that includes shoes. I love shoes don’t get me wrong but they aren’t the first things I look for when shopping. So when I couldn’t take my eyes off these I knew it was love and needed everyone to know about it!

2.Chokers. I mean COME ON! So freaking cute and go with pretty much everything! They just seem to take every outfit to the next level. I got my first one on my birthday and immediately fell in love and wanted to never take it off. Recently I stopped by Rue21 and picked up a pack of three more and have been loving switching them up with different looks! Those along with my new shoes give me a total 90s throw back!

3. Memory book. My sister made me an amazing memory book for my upcoming move. She is still currently working on it but what I’ve seen so far is so amazing. She even included a pocket filled with notes labeled things like “When you miss me”, “When you want taco bell and I’m not there). Needless to say I was a puddle of tears just looking at this. She’s the sweetest. Pictures in a post coming soon!

4. “I wish you were beer” shirt. This was also a birthday gift and it’s just perfect. The day before I received it I was telling my friend how I didn’t have any cool drinking shirts. She showed up the next day with my gift and had gotten me that shirt. Best friends always know what you need before you do!

5. Bachelor in Paradise- I’m obsessed and every week can’t wait to see both episodes. Nick has watched a couple with me which is sweet and he makes funny comments but there is just NOTHING like watching with my friend because both of us screaming and making weird shocked noises at everything while drinking is just the best.

Side note: Do any of you have the problem where if you are watching a show with a best friend it takes three times longer to get threw it? We literally see each other all the time but have to pause the show at least 50 times to “tell you something real quick”. I wouldn’t change it though, that’s what girl time is for!

6. Get ready for some sappiness but my most favorite thing this month was all the time with my family and closest friends. They always are but especially around times like a birthday you really realize how much they care.

Hope you’re all having a great week! Here’s to hoping September takes it’s time but I just don’t really see that happening!


17 thoughts on “August Favorites 

  1. I’m not a show person either but I love those because they look super comfy and practical, like they could go with anything! I have these grey pumas that I put with jeans because I can kind of hide the sneaker-ness of them without them popping out to everyone!

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    1. Oh yeah that’s perfect! And yes they really do go with everything! I totally can do either casual or dressy with them! I saw a girl on Instagram the other wearing them with a cute dress and just loved it!!

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    1. Yes I am very excited!! I will say I was totally pro Luke or Chase as well being the next Bachelor but definitely think it was a great choice going with Nick!! I didn’t get to see Nick on his seasons of the Bachelorette but LOVED him on BIP! My friends however didn’t love him as much on the Bachelorette! So I’m curious how he will be on his season!

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