Tips On Long Distance Job Hunting

Happy Friday Cuties! This is one weird Friday for me and thats because I’m officially done my last job! For the next two weeks I’m jobless and let me tell you, it feels pretty great! It also feels pretty surreal!

With quitting one job usually comes finding another and I had to do just that! With doing that I realized finding a job in general isn’t easy let alone finding a job completely across the country. Today I’m sharing some of my top tips on how I landed my new job all the way in the sunshine state!

1.Be confident in what you have to offer

This may seem obvious in any job searching atmosphere but especially when talking to people that can’t see you face to face, you have to sell yourself! Know your worth and sell it to them! Let them know how you can help them and how interested you are in whatever they do as a company.

2. Be patient

Even though we would all love it, finding a job isn’t going to happen overnight. Even though a ton of you are saying DUHHHH right now, this didn’t click for me! We got a ton of pull at first on the job front so I just thought “Oh! Easy peasy!”. Yeah, no. You have to take your time and look for things that will really work for you and know that it takes time. Companies aren’t always fond of hiring people from way across the country so sometimes they won’t even give you the time of day.

Pro Tip: My best friend Allison from How To Get Things Done In Ten Ways who used to be a recruiter told me to always say I had “roots” where I was moving. What she meant by that was when the employer asks “Why are you moving here?” Don’t just say “Idk! Sounds cool!”. That gives the illusion you aren’t reliable and could flake out the minute you’re home sick. Tell them real concrete reasons you want to be there.

3. Don’t just say yes to anything

 Before I got the job I accepted I was offered a different one. I SO BADLY wanted to say yes. By saying yes that meant the search and stress of that part was OVER, and I wanted that! I knew though in my heart that it wasn’t right. It wasn’t the right pay or atmosphere for me and just because I’m moving far doesn’t mean I need to settle for anything! You want to feel confident with whatever you pick and know that it can support you. I am beyond happy I declined and feel so lucky I did because only a week after, I was offered a job I’m thrilled to be taking.

4.  Put yourself out there

 Just like number 1, you have to put yourself out there! I was looking anywhere and everywhere for jobs. The job I ended up accepting wasn’t even hiring at the time. I was looking up companies in the field I wanted and when I found them online, I decided to just call them up. I simply asked if they had any positions available and everything fell into place. In my case, my future boss was thinking about hiring but wasn’t even going to start posting or looking for another month and a half. Lucky for her, I wasn’t looking to move for a couple months anyway!

5. Get comfortable on camera

Yup. I said it! Get ready for all kinds of face time interviews and Skype sessions. Really, they aren’t that bad but its definitely weird preparing for an interview and then sitting down alone with only a phone. Make sure to still have a notebook and pen ready and most of all, HAVE GOOD INTERNET! This was a mistake I made on an early call and definitely learned from.

6. Make the time difference known

Last but not least, this is a big one! If you are dealing with a time difference you need to make it known and clear! This may seem obvious but when companies are busy, this isn’t always first on there mind. I am three hours behind Florida so if they said 9:00am, I made sure to confirm it was 9:00am THEIR time. Yes, I had some very early morning interviews but it actually ended up working out great with work! In one of my first interviews I never confirmed and the call never happened and I was left wondering all day when it was going to happen. It ended up being a mistake on their side, but still, this is unnecessary stress you don’t need!

Things just have a way of working out and with the right steps can be a (hopefully) painless process!



6 thoughts on “Tips On Long Distance Job Hunting

  1. This is such a well thought out list and great advice! I recently thought about moving and was just having all this anxiety – it ended up that my current employers promoted me to a spot I didn’t know was going to open up. It never hurts to ask even when you don’t know someone is hiring!

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