A Weekend Of Favorites

Our last weekend at home for a while is bittersweet. Our move is next weekend and we are both excited and in disbelief. This past weekend I spent it soaking up my favorite people doing some of our favorite things.

Friday was spent enjoying the day with my mom and playing with new makeup with her. More makeup favorites and this look coming soon!

Friday night we went to a restaurant I had been dying to go to. It did not disappoint! That’s a peanut butter and jelly burger you see there. It was as good as it looks!ย 

Saturday morning was spent relaxing and then going over to a new brewery that just opened up. I love places like this because the weather was beautiful and we got to sit outside and enjoy great drinks. They even had an outdoor service window which I thought was awesome!

Saturday night we spent hot tubbing at our friends house and Sunday was spent doing this…ย While the boys play the girls will… Enjoy every snapchat filter!

Sunday night was a much needed sister night!

This week will be spent doing much of the same and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Happy Monday:)



12 thoughts on “A Weekend Of Favorites

  1. I am obsessed with the giraffe snapchat filter too currently haha. But a PB&J burger?!? Sign me up! That sounds like heaven (I don’t eat meat, but I’m sure I could get the same idea with a veggie one ?!) I love that! Happy moving- we just did it ourselves and it’s not easy but super exciting!!

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    1. Isn’t it the best filter?? I can’t get over it! And yes!!! It was amazing!!! I’m sure you could totally do a veggie option!! And thank you!! It’s definitely been a lot but also an exciting time!!

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