Ulta Haul!

Happy Wednesday Lovebugs! Since we don’t leave until this upcoming weekend for our move, I’ve gotten to spend this week so far enjoying quality time with our families. That means lots of girl time with my mom and sister and I can’t get enough! We started off Monday getting pedicures together and then doing some shopping. I swear, if all Monday’s were like that, they wouldn’t have such a bad rap!

One of the places we stopped was Ulta and I just can’t leave that place empty handed. I picked up a tried and true favorite and also a couple products I had been hearing wonderful reviews about and couldn’t wait to share with you guys.


1. Nivea Men Post Shave Balm– I’ve heard and read from multiple people this can be used as an amazing primer! It leaves a tacky feeling which is perfect for when applying foundation. My sister also said she’s seen a significant difference in how great her skin looks since using this.

2. Physicians Formula Eye Booster– My sister has this eye liner and one plus is it also has a serum to enhance lashes. I have used this two times so far and if nothing else it has an amazing applicator!

3. NYX Pore Filler Primer– I’ve been noticing some pores lately and can’t deny foundation goes on so much better after a great primer has been applied to problem areas!

4. NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray– This I have used before and love! Affordable and effective!

5. Maybelline Cover Stick– I got this in a green tone to test out how it works in my red areas. Especially my nose!

I would love to hear it any of you have tried these products!



21 thoughts on “Ulta Haul!

  1. I’ve only been to Ulta once since they are a bit of a drive for me. The first few minutes I was overwhelmed not knowing where to start and wanting everything, but it soon lost its glamour. It’s basically a Target but with a bit more drugstore products and a small highend makeup section. It’s really good for people who buy drugstore cosmetics but I gave up on them long ago when Sephora stole my heart.

    The only primer I use is for eyeshadow, the Urban Decay one. I generally don’t use primer even though I know it helps a ton to apply foundation because the skin does not breathe with so much on it. As someone with acne and dry skin, this is the last thing I want to do to further clog up my pore. I hear the smashbox one is great though. I am interested in the men’s balm one since it’s probably more of a moisturizer and won’t clog up the pores as much, so safer to use than a primer. I’m going to have to research it.

    My favorite by far for eyeliner is Marc Jacobs, it just doesn’t run out and doesn’t dry up! It’s absolutely amazing. Never really tried much of the physician formula, I think a bronzer once yeaaars ago.

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    1. At the one here they have been growing the high end side more and more which is great because now it’s half the store. Kind of nice to have a bunch of options! I totally get that about primers! I bet with your skin the men’s balm would be amazing! I will have to try that Marc Jacobs eyeliner!! It sounds amazing!!!


  2. Love the Nivea Men’s shave balm and the Pore Filler–two great primers! One of the YouTubers I watch has been raving about that Physicians Formula eye liner. I didn’t know it came it brown!! I’ve got to get that ASAP.

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    1. I’m loving them so far too!! Can’t believe what a difference they seem to make!! You absolutely have to try the eye liner!! Who is it that you watch on YouTube? I love watching youtubers!


      1. I watch so many! I’m addicted. Andréa Matillano is the one who loves that eye liner. I also love Young, Wild, and Polished; Elle Sees; Desi Perkins; Jaclyn Hill; Jamie Paige Beauty; Manny MUA; Jessica Braun; KathleenLights; LeighAnnSays; LustreLux; ThatsHeart; Makeup Geek; What Would Lizzie Do are some of my favs

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  3. Ulta has the same effect as Target…it’s like a black hole store, you can spend hours in there! You must let me know your thoughts on the Nivea shave balm…I too have seen nearly everyone rave about it, I need to just commit & pick some up lol! I use the Maybelline Coverstick in a neutral shade as concealer & I really, really love it! I’m sure the green is great too, can’t wait to hear! XO

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    1. Ugh yes!! Those stores get me in trouble! Especially target now because all I want to look at is home decor!! So far I’m loving the Nivea shave balm! After I bought it I went home and realized my boyfriend already had it… totally could have tried his! Haha. It feels really light on the skin and also once you apply your makeup doesn’t leave a scent behind which I was nervous about! The coverstick is great so far! Really want to get it in neutral now because the product seems to stay really well. 🙂

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