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How To Spend The Week Before You Move: California!

Today is one bittersweet day. We leave tomorrow to start our drive to Florida and even though I’m very excited to start this adventure I’m so sad leaving my closest family and friends. Goodbyes, even if just for now are the worst and me being the sensitve sally I am have had a lump in my throat all week.

I was lucky enough to be able to take this week off and do all the things I wanted to before leaving. It has been a special one and I wouldn’t have changed it for anything. I got so much good quality time with the ones I love

Here’s a little list of what to make sure to hit up if you are doing a big move as well! 🙂

1. Try the places you’ve been dying to try

2. Hitting all your favorite places

This is a little Chinese buffet place in town that weirdly holds a special place to a lot of us. Fun fact! This is actually where Nick and I ate dinner before he made it official! That’s magic food I tell ya!

3. In-N -Out!!! This one should be obvious:)

4. Spend time relaxing when you can and just soaking up the moments with family and friends!

5. Enjoy those gorgeous views

Happy Friday 🙂



37 thoughts on “How To Spend The Week Before You Move: California!

  1. Oh man, if I would be leaving California and going to all the places, I would be stuffing my face in all the Asian and Mexican food. I spent over two weeks up in the desert of Cali (near LA) and all I did was eat sushi until I couldn’t do sushi no more. I have been spoiled there that I don’t even find sushi in Boston that great. The VERY first day I spent in California, I immediately looked for an In N Out after I checked in to my hotel. I upset Californians when I say this, but many of the outter staters agree with me, it’s not all that it’s cracked out to be. It pretty much tastes like Five Guys. I didn’t try the animal fries though, I should have but I optioned in for the milkshake since a co-worker highly recommended it (milkshake was okay, I noticed California, atleast SoCal, lacks on ice cream which blows my mind). Your photos look like Napa, I’ve never been to Northern Cali, on my list to go to San Fran and Napa, hopefully soon. I’ve been around Florida too, you’re not going to get the same food there as in Cali lol. BUT if you’re a coffee fan, I recommend REAL Cuban coffee, it’s very strong and sweet.

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    1. Oh yes, the Mexican food is amazing😍 That is true and funny! My whole family is actually from back east and I’ve heard them say the same about in n out! I just can’t deny my love for it! Lol. The animal fries really are amazing! Also, hoping to get some pretty great sushi in Florida!! Those are both beautiful places! I am actually a little more up north! Toward Sacramento/ Lake Tahoe area!:) I will definitely be trying that coffee!! 🙂


  2. I have a horrible, horrible confession. Since I have moved to California (early July), I have still not been to in-n-out. Definitely have to go after seeing that pic- making me drool!!!! Hope traveling has been going well!

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