Road Trip Essentials

Happy Monday from the road!! We are on day 3 of our road trip and so far so good!! We are taking our time and enjoying all the different places!

Since we are driving, we made sure to have all the essentials close and accessible to make the trip even better!

1. Water & Coffee- These are just plain necessities! We were lucky enough to be gifted with some Starbucks gift cards so we have been treating ourselves to the good stuff every morning!

2. Cash- Tolls, miscellaneous parking structures! This will come in handy. I promise!

3. Snacks- Nicks mom was sweet enough to pack up a whole bag of snacks! This is has been the BIGGEST life saver! With this big move, snacks for the road trip weren’t exactly the first thing on our mind. She surprised us with this bag and once we got going we couldn’t have been more thankful! We have used the snacks as our lunch both days so far to save money and time!

4. First Aid Kit- Luckily this hasn’t been used yet but its a great thing to keep on hand just in case!

5. GoPro & Selfie Stick- These are both just so amazing. I’ve been getting the most amazing photos so far with the help of these two gems!

6. Chargers- Nick and I both say this is the most important! With long car rides comes time on your phone and lots of maps! We bought this car charger that does two phones at a time and it’s been amazing!

7. Games- Nick got me addicted to a new puzzle game and its great for the no service parts of the drive!

8. Tylenol & Tums- I don’t know about you guys but I can’t get some awful heartburn sometimes. Make sure you bring whatever it is that you may need to make you feel comfortable! Luckily I haven’t had to use it yet but it’s nice to know I have it and don’t have to be hurting in the car if I did. Same with tylenol! No one wants a headache for hours and hours and you don’t want to have to stop for things like this constantly.

9. Podcasts- I have been a huge fans of podcasts the last couple years and Nick and I switch off listening to our favorites. If you don’t listen to any you should definitely check out the podcast app! They have some for pretty much anything!

What are some of your road trip essentials? We still have a couple days on the road and would love to hear!:)





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