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Reno Ribfest! 

Today we are on the last leg of our road trip! I weirdly don’t want it to come to an end! We’ve been having so much fun and the driving really isn’t as bad as I thought! While we’re on the road today I wanted to share the fun times we had at the Reno, Nevada rib fest a couple weekends ago!

We’ve gone to the rib fest the last 4 years that Nick and I have been together and it’s always a ton of fun! In the years past, we would always get a group of friends together, and all make the drive, do the rib fest during the day, and then drive to the casinos for the night!

This year was a bit different: we went for the morning on Sunday and then drove to spend the rest of the day and night with Nick’s family. My diet that day was 90% ribs that day and I wouldn’t have changed it!

Real quick: if you’ve never gone to anything like this it’s pretty much a huge festival with tons of different vendors that sell their ribs and other yummy items. They also have a section for people to sell other goodies. I’ve seen everything from jewelery to things that you put in your house!

I have a few tips if you decide to go to one by you!:)

1. Napkins on napkins on napkins! If you think you grabbed too many… grab more! You can never have enough! I swear there is no cute way to eat ribs.

2. Get the “sample” size! Ribs are surprisingly filling! When you go, you’ll see tons of meal options where you get sides but you will fill up real quick that way! We always do the sample which is 3 ribs and split them; that way we get to try multiple places and compare. We do the same thing when we go with a group, we take turns buying either the sample size or the one size bigger depending on how many people.  This way is also much more cost effective.

3. Wash it down with something delicious! My pick was beer! For being a festival the prices aren’t too bad. But if you want a non alcoholic option, the lemonade is AMAZING. It also comes in a huge cup and with the exception of this year, usually you need it! In the years past it’s always been extremely hot that weekend!

4. Try some of the other foods. This picture is from last year but those little babies are deep fried Oreos! Such heaven! They have tons of different treats just like that.

Happy Wednesday!:)




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