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Tips For A Seamless Road Trip

Happy Friday Babes! We just arrived here in Florida and I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a ton of emotions going on. Last night when we got in we were exhausted mentally and physically. Even though we were ready for the day to be over we still had to get some stuff for that night at the house so we went to the nearest target for essentials! The rest of the night was spent talking about everything and watching Beauty and the Beast:)

This weekend I hope to get some relaxing time along with getting a lot done with moving everything in. If I’ve learned anything, moving can be one hell of a stress on your emotions!

I shared on Monday my road trip essentials and today thought I would share some tips for making a road trip as seamless as possible! Enjoy:)

1. Get a venti/large size water from Starbucks or anywhere you go. They are free and help save on money. We’d get those and then fill up our water bottles.

2. Go to the bathroom when you stop. Even if you don’t think you have to go and your just getting gas, go anyway! That way you don’t have to make another stop just to go to the bathroom.

3. Wash your windshield as you go. Soon you won’t be able to see if you leave all the bug guts!

4. Wait until you get into the area to pick your hotel. People have mixed reviews on this. For us, we waited to see what the town looked like and where we felt comfortable. We knew we were stopping in places that had many hotel options so we didn’t worry about everything being sold out.

5. If your trip that day is 8 hours, always add at least an extra hour to that for random stops and delays.

6. With keeping number 5 in mind, plan accordingly! Don’t budget 13 hour driving days because you will just hate it and not be able to see anything!

7. Check multiple maps/gps’s. Sometimes one can tell you longer then the other and that way you get options of the best way to go.

Have any of you ever gone on a road trip? I hope some of these help if you plan on taking one!



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