Road Trip Part 1: Nevada To Arizona 

Happy Friday Love Bugs! We’ve been in Orlando officially a week and are starting to find our new groove! Today I’m finishing out my first week of work and I’m happy to say I love it so far! Everything just seems to be clicking and I can’t wait to see what’s ahead. This weekend we have some more organizing to do around our apartment but are definitely going to explore the area more; but most exciting, visit some of the Disney parks! Nick and I are big disney fans so we are definitely excited.

I’m so excited to finally be sharing with you guys part of our road trip! This is the first leg of the trip which was Nevada to Arizona! We left from California and drove to Las Vegas where we spent our first night. We got there at about 6:00pm which was great because we still got to go out and enjoy some of what Vegas has to offer! We grabbed dinner at Shake Shack because we had both never been and it was drool worthy! Look at those fries!! If you notice we only got one and since we had never been, we thought they were going to be normal size and that we could share. Little did we know they were going to be gigantic!

After food we walked around to look at all the hotels and new things they had built since the last time we had visited. Even though we do like to gamble from time to time we both opted out since we thought it best to not lose all our money the first day on the trip! We ended the night with a drink as big as my torso, and I was a happy girl!

The next day we got up and drove to first see the Hoover Damn, then the Grand Canyon! I had never seen either and have wanted to see the Grand Canyon since I was little. If there was ever a place to make you go speechless, that was it. Such a gorgeous place to just be and take it all in. Luckily, we didn’t have a huge drive that day (only about 5 hours) so we really got to enjoy each stop!

That night we drove into Flagstaff and I already know we will be back! Such a cute little town and we both wished we could have stayed longer! Nick’s parents had been before so they gave us a heads up on where to stay.

Little story about this hotel. We stayed at Hotel Monte Vista and the whole story around it, is that its haunted! I was a bit nervous about this but Nick’s mom said they heard nothing and assured me it was awesome! When we arrived I already knew I loved the look of the place! This is the kind of place you wanna stay on a road trip when really trying to get a feel for somewhere!

We got to our room and most rooms have pictures of famous people that have stayed in them. Ours was the Robert England room! Yes, the very Freddie Krueger himself had stayed there! This was just a little fun fact that made it just that much more different then anywhere I had ever stayed.

They have a book inside the room that talks all about the “permanent guests” of the hotel. I refused to read it knowing that it would freak me out and I would never sleep. That night Nick and I walked around the town and visited the local brewery and Irish pub to get some drinks and dinner. Everyone in the town was so nice!

That night after getting back to the hotel we went to the hotel bar for a drink before bed because Nick’s mom had said it was wonderful! She was not wrong! The bartenders were so nice and we felt like we were regulars in no time.


Okay now comes the part you guys are all probably wondering…was it haunted?!?

It sure felt like it! I didn’t see anything but I will be honest and say it was the worst night sleep I had the whole trip. I totally freaked myself out and kept waking up convinced I would see someone by my bed. It was also really warm in our room but I was too terrified to take off the blanket. I needed the protection!

I would love to hear if you guys have been to any of these places! We had such a blast getting a chance to see so much! I will be back soon with the next leg of our trip!



19 thoughts on “Road Trip Part 1: Nevada To Arizona 

  1. I’ve been to Orlando multiple times and the best parts for me were all the outlets lol. Victotia’s Secret bras for $15 and bikinis for $7! I was in heaven haha.

    That hotel sounds cool but I’d be too scared to stay in there.

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    1. Ohhhhh how can you beat that??? It’s funny you say that because I’ve been noticing how many outlets there are here! have two different sets of outlets both within 10-20 minutes of me!! I need to make a trip there!
      And I don’t blame you! I definitely freaked myself out!


  2. Such a cool post!! Thanks for all the pictures! I loved looking at them! I’ve always wanted to go to Grand Canyon so that’s seriously the coolest thing that you got to go!!! I’m looking forward to seeing more Orlando! I drove through it once so never got to see the city and the cool spots! I am happy you guys are getting settled in and that your work is going good! That’s the most important thing is to love you work 💕

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    1. Thank you so much!! 🙂 I was the same way so seeing the Grand Canyon was just surreal! I will definitely be posting more on Orlando!! Already finding cool new spots! And thanks again! You are so sweet! I’m really happy to be loving work!

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    1. I thought it was too different to compare! The Shake Shack was just like nothing I have had before because of the peppers! Although if I had to choose one or the other i would totally choose in n out! It’s my love! I’m already having withdrawals…

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