September Favorites 

Happy Monday! I can’t believe another month has gone by! September was by far the craziest month for me. I had some wonderful favorites this month and can’t wait to see what October will hold!

1. Road trips! They are absolutely tiring but SO fun! Seeing so many different places is amazing and I can’t believe the wonderful memories we made.

2. My Guy:) This past month was full of changes and lots of emotions. He was a total rock and makes every day of this adventure fun and worth it.

3. Epcot Food & Wine Festival. We’ve been to this once before and this past Friday night we went again. It’s so much fun and of course delicious! More on this coming soon:)

4. The Challenge MTV– I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’ve been obsessed with a couple of seasons of this show recently!! SO much drama and the challenges are absolutely amazing! They have a ton of seasons on Hulu and you should definitely check it out if you haven’t seen it! I haven’t kept up with it at all and just watched the last 3 seasons! You definitely don’t have to watch from the beginning to know what’s happening since it’s a new challenge every season!

5. Decorating and New Furniture- We shipped all of our stuff to Florida besides furniture so we had to buy new once we got here. We had so much fun picking out our new stuff and even though it was a struggle getting it all into the place we could not love it more! Can’t wait to show you guys our place soon!

6. Herbal Essences Hair Spray– It smells absolutely amazing and has been making my hair SO incredibly volumous and keeps my curl!



17 thoughts on “September Favorites 

  1. I’m a teeny bit jealous – the road trips sound amazing! Will look forward to reading more, so I’ve just subscribed to your blog.

    Also quite like the sound of the Herbal Essences spray. Not come across this in the UK yet, will have to keep an eye out for them :o) x


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    1. Thank you so much for subscribing! I have another post this week on the rest of our trip 🙂 I hope you enjoy!
      Definitely keep an eye out! Products are worth a try! 🙂


    1. PLEASE DO! I can’t be the only one with this weird throw back obsession! They are still making seasons so now I can’t stop watching past seasons to catch up before the new one! lol. It makes for a good show to have on while decorating! And girl take that road trip! Even a mini one… its good for the soul 🙂

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    1. I will definitely check yours out! Road trips are definitely an amazing thing! Sometimes it’s easy to get sick of being in the car but then you realize how awesome it is to see all these new things around you!! 🙂

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