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Tasty Tuesday

Happy Friday Babes! As some of you may have heard, Hurricane Matthew is paying us a visit. We have been watching the live coverage all night and just hoping everyone on the coast stays safe and that the damage isn’t awful. We are pretty far inland so we’ve just been getting lots of rain and wind and had a curfew put on us to stay indoors until tomorrow.

We’ve only been here two weeks and have never experienced anything like this in our lives! I’ll be back soon with some of the prep that we did:)


Today I wanted to share the Tasty Tuesday we went to this past week. And man was it tasty! We found a place that every Tuesday they have tons of vendors come with their food trucks and you get to hang out and and try whatever you would like in a big parking lot. We went for burgers, and THE BEST doughnut of my life!

Since Florida is completely new to us, we love getting out and trying new things and seeing different areas! It’s always a plus when those places are completely delicious.

If you live in the Orlando area you can check this out on their Facebook page to get info on it. They also do other events that we are hoping to try out! I hope everyone is staying safe and has a wonderful Friday 🙂



29 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday

  1. The food looks amazing! The weather, not so much. I have a friend who went down to be with her mom, who is 97 years old, during the hurricane but it pretty much missed them. You be safe! No darting out into the storm to get videos or pictures for us! That was said in my best mom voice, by the way.

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    1. The food was absolutely amazing and we luckily didn’t loose power or anything during the storm! I will say we were good and didn’t go out to take any videos or pictures! Okay, maybe one but it was before the storm actually hit! haha


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