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Road Trip Part 2: Texas To New Orleans!

Happy Tuesday Babes! Life has been a bit hectic lately and I missed my normal blogging day yesterday but just couldn’t wait to post this! I’m back with the second part of our road trip and if you missed part 1 you can catch that here.

After we left Arizona we passed through New Mexico and into Amarillo, Texas! We had some complications with our room at the hotel, and by the time we got there and got it all sorted, only had time to eat dinner before heading to bed. We stayed at a Holiday Inn and they had the best little restaurant and bar connected to it, which was such a life saver!

The next day we left for Houston and sadly it was the same thing. Only had time to grab dinner. The girl at the front desk let us know that Kanye West was right down the street at a concert and I would be lying if I said we didn’t immediately look up tickets just to see! The only available were of course a couple hundred dollars. She also let us know that Beyonce would be there in two days! Now if Beyonce had been there that night maybe I would have paid that price!!

We definitely want to head back to Texas for a trip and get to see more of it because driving through was just not enough!

The next day we were so excited to arrived in New Orleans! We hadΒ a short drive that day because not only were we ready to be out of the car but we couldn’t wait to check out this city!

We booked at Holiday Inn French Quarter- Chateau Lemoyne and it was GORGEOUS! Β Everyone was so nice and we immediately got out to walk around! The energy is just so wonderful there and you can’t help but be excited walking around and seeing it all.

Bourbon Street was only one block down and was just what I imagined! There was a band playing in the street as we walked up and down looking at all the shops and restaurants. We stopped in some stores and also stopped at a cute bar to have a beer. Everything has so much character and I could have spent hours and hours just looking at everything.

Later that night we went back to our hotel for dinner because they had a great restaurant there. We treated ourselves to some fancy drinks and the BEST chicken and waffles I’ve ever had. They seat you in these little rooms which was a cool vibe and felt a little more private. The best part had to be the surpise cotton candy they delivered after dinner!

One thing we would do again for sure is stay at Chateau Lemoyne. They have hotels right on Bourbon Street but we much preferred being one block down. You are still super close and it takes under 2 minutes to walk there but it’s much quieter there. They also have gated parking which was nice because we were moving with stuff and didn’t want it just out where anyone could see that stuff was in there.

Our road trip was much too short and so fun! We already want to go back to some places and even though you would think our traveling hearts would be content, it’s the total opposite! I just want to go everywhere!



26 thoughts on “Road Trip Part 2: Texas To New Orleans!

  1. I’ve never been to either place, but they look just as I imagine! Family friends recently moved to Houston so I’m hoping to visit there at some point! Maybe that’ll be my first road trip!! LOL ….I’ll have to swing thru NOLA too! πŸ™‚ And omg, yes, I’d advise dropping *any* amount to see Queen B!!!

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  2. Ugh my sister spend part of her honeymoon in NOLA back in April and hasn’t stopped telling me how much I have to go! I’d also love to visit Houston, Queen B in her hometown that would have been epic!!! Thanks for sharing xo

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  3. You’re in my part of the world when you’re in Nola! Your photos are excellent, but neither words nor pictures can capture the essence of the Big Easy. Ya’ gotta visit there to get it. Am I right? You made some fabulous choices which led to some tremendously fabulous memories. Congrats on a well-curated trip.

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  4. Girl- you have been busy, busy!!! How fun- thanks for sharing your travels. My husband and I passed through Amarillo this summer and I made him play Amarillo Sky by Jason Aldean the whole time we drove though. We probably listened to it like six times total- haha. That hotel did look amazing, I’ll keep that in mind if we ever go back that way! Have a great rest of your week!


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