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Battle Of The Coasts

Since moving to Florida I’ve noticed things here and there that are a lot different from where I used to live, California! Some of these I expected, and some of these I didn’t know anything about!

*I do want to put up a little disclaimer and say these are just things I’ve found with where I have lived. I used to live in Northern California and now I live in Orlando. These are just things I’ve found that apply to these places. I’m sure different cities don’t all relate to these.*

1.You can’t buy any alcohol other than beer or wine at anywhere other then a liquor store. This one is by far the thing that caught us the most off guard. Our first night there we went to target for essentials. This included vodka. Duh! Had to relax with a vodka tonic. We couldn’t find it anywhere in target so we drove to the grocery store. NOPE. Then we realized we can only go to liquor stores! So weird! I told a girl at work about this and she couldn’t believe you can get liquor like that at Target in California!

2.Tolls are EVERYWHERE in Florida. In California the tolls are more expensive but unless you are in the city or have a commute where you pass one, you don’t usually ever see one. In Florida I went through more in 3 days then I have my whole life! Luckily they are very cheap!

3.In Florida there are less lights and WAY more u-turn areas. They are everywhere! They seem to favor doing a u-turn rather then having a light to turn left into somewhere.

4.Gas stations are huge in Florida! They also have a lot more to them. The other day I went into one that had a full on Fro-yo shop in it! Sometimes they look nicer then grocery stores!

5.No income tax in Florida!

6.Target is the same everywhere. It is a little sanctuary if you ask me! Is there anything you need and you don’t know where to find it yet? Target. It has all the answers!

7.The fall I was used to is no longer! I’m finding there is a fall here, just a different kind! My wardrobe just needs to figure out what that is…

8. It’s SO GREEN here in FL! Sadly with the huge drought in CA it’s not as lush. It greenery is absolutely gorgeous here!

I must leave you with this now. This has nothing to do with battle of the coasts but just something I noticed in my travels. America LOVES knives. Knife museums, knife statues, knife signs. I saw something knife related in almost every state I passed. SO RANDOM!

Where do you live? Have you noticed any of these differences? Happy Wednesday!:)



15 thoughts on “Battle Of The Coasts

  1. This was SO interesting. I just moved to northern California a few months ago and the fact that you could buy liquor like that right at your local target shocked me! Also – I moved from Ohio and I miss the green so much (and at this time of year I miss the beautiful change of leaves!). I am realizing more and more there are pros and cons to every single place, and it’s all about embracing the pros wherever you are at that moment! Thanks for the share- I loved reading through this!

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  2. Florida is one state with terrible drivers and roads. Yes it has a ton of tolls and it’s insane but it also depends on the area you are driving in. Tip: take I-95 to get to Miami and North East coast of Florida, 95 has no tolls. Some east coast states have that alcohol ban, some don’t like New Hampshire. Noticed that Trader’s Joe’s sometimes don’t have that rule, but this is highly dependent on the individual city restrictions. I’ve only been to SoCal and I was shocked at the lack of vegetation, it was just sand to look at. Florida is a vacation spot so it has a lot of travelers that are driving, therefore, their gas stations need to be more equipped. We travel frequently from state to state in the east coast, so gas stations off the highway are nicer than other parts of the US. Downtown Orlando is real nice looking with that pond in the middle of the park. Plus Publix, people in Florida get so excited about Publix haha.


    1. Hahaha I can tell! Publix is the place it seems!! And thanks for the advice!! We will definitely do that if we drive that way!!! And yes! I’m actually always surprised by socal too when I go there because it’s even a lot different then more north!!


  3. OMG! The last part!!! HAHAHA!!! I love FL, definitely some similarities to CT…minus the income tax thing. And warmer weather year round. Gr. I’ve never heard of liquor in Target — so crazy! I hope you guys are settling in nicely after being welcome by good ol’ Matthew! lol

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    1. Really??? Ahhh that’s just so crazy to me!! We are getting used to it all though!! I think I’m liking the warmer weather:) Ever since the hurricane it’s been really nice and not as humid! And thank you!! Every day feels a little more settled! I do still slight feel on vacation though haha


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