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Blog Swap! Get Yourself Organized

Seriously though. Get organized. Like NOW. Drop what you’re doing (after you read this post) and hop to it! Wait, wait! Hang on a quick second though. Guess what day it is! Well you probably already guessed it, but it’s BLOG SWAP day! (Yes it’s been awhile but hush, we’ve been busy). I’m taking over Kaitlyn’s blog today! Talking about some different kinds of organization (to me, at least). So make sure you go visit Kaitlyn at my blog today to see what words of wisdom she’s spitting out today!

So, where was I? Oh duh. So, yes, we’ve got surface organization and functional organization. To me, surface is appearing to be organized on the surface, but behind that door could be a disaster. Functional is being organized in a way that actually makes your life more functional.

There we go, now I can get into it a little more. Hopefully these are easy enough tips to have everyone feeling organized! I feel like I’m pretty much pro at both types of organization! I love to clean and organize shit, what can I say?

Surface Organization

This is the easiest type of organization. I think. Here are the goals:

  • Make all horizontal surfaces clean
  • Hide all of the mess you don’t want to take the time to sort through
  • Huge time saver – you’re not worrying about everything, just the surfaces
  • Appear to have your life together

How to achieve this:

  1. Shove it all in a cupboard, closet, wherever.
  2. Clear off all of the horizontal surfaces: floors, countertops, tables, etc.
  3. Go room by room and pick up anything that looks like it doesn’t belong in a catalog….socks, shoes, toys, dishes, etc.

Ta da! Instant success. And hey, we’ve all got a Monica Closet, am I right?



Functional Organization

This requires a little bit more focus and time, as it actually requires ORGANIZING everything. Wow. I just get so happy seeing that word! But here are the goals:

  • Dig out the crap that is really bugging you – the stuff where you can’t find any other stuff
  • Create an organization system that makes things easier to find

How to achieve this:

  1. Dust it off!
  2. Buy some cheap plastic bins or cute storage totes like these from Target. I’m obsessed with them because they’re cheap, roomy, and you can use a dry erase marker to label them!
  3. Buy a labeler. Or borrow one. It’s amazing how much easier it is to find things that are labeled!
  4. Go vertical and stack shit up!

Now get to labeling and sorting and stacking! It will feel so much better!

I hope this gave you some inspiration. See how simple it can all be? What are some of your favorite organizing tips? Or faux-ganizing tips? I think I just made up a new word!


17 thoughts on “Blog Swap! Get Yourself Organized

  1. Hahaha my #1 organizing tip is DON’T BE RAISED BY HOARDERS but since that is a matter of chance LOL I guess it isn’t much of a tip. (No really, I am laughing, sometimes it’s funny) LABEL EVERYTHING is a good one. I am currently trying to invent a “best” way of organizing the little vital things, like keys (I’ve locked the kids and me out of our house twice and our car once in the past few months), and the card I use to get into my office building (it mysteriously went missing two days ago and hasn’t turned up, even though it has my name on it and everything).


  2. These before and after photos are therapeutic to look at!! I love getting myself organized, I just wish I were better at *keeping* myself organized lol. I do have the surface part down, but I could use a little functional org. in my life asap. These tips are definitely helpful – thank you so much for sharing. Great swap! XO


  3. I also have to say, as long as you are DOING SOMETHING to clean and to get rid of stuff you don’t need…even if your house isn’t spotless or perfectly organized, even it’s a mess most of the time…you’re still ahead of the game in my point of view.


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