Greetings From Florida #1

Happy Monday! Not only are Monday’s rough but I’m starting mine out at the DMV. Yep. Don’t be jealous! I know that’s how you all wish you could start your week! NOT. Anyways, I will get through this morning with lots of coffee and convincing myself I won’t be sitting here forever.

This past weekend was a good one! We explored Orlando more and the weather has been AMAZING! It was about 75 out the whole weekend and then would drop into the 60s at night! It was perfect weather for going out and exploring! I want to start a new little series on here called Greetings From Florida and will be showing different places we visit! I figure a lot of you haven’t been to these places either so we can all experience them for the first time together! (And if you have seen these places, tell me more I should visit!)

Saturday was spent enjoying the pool at our apartment and then checking out Sea Dog Brewing Company! It was a low-key day and I still can’t get over the fact that we can go to the pool in October! So weird! We did however realize we need a new pool plan. We need to immediately purchase a small cooler and bring snacks and beer. We messed up big time this last weekend! They have these cozy cabanas to lay in and there is NO way we are leaving next time!

On Sunday we had planned to go to Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando. We had gotten tons of recommendations to check it out so that’s exactly what we did! We drove into downtown around 11 and we were so happy to find it was really easy to get parking! They have tons of little lots and parking was only $5. We walked to the park and could not believe how beautiful it was! Lake Eola is .9 miles around and has a couple different restaurants right on it.

We went to World Of Beer for brunch and I could not have been a happier girl! I not only got to rock one of my new favorite tee’s from  Sub_Urban Riot but I also got to have the biggest mimosa of my life! The food was delicious and it was just so nice to sit and enjoy the views. They have inside and outside seating which has pet friendly areas and nice lounge areas for big groups. I also have to say we were so surprised at how affordable the restaurant was. In our minds, we thought something right on the water would be a little more pricey but it wasn’t at all! We will definitely be going back for more! A lot of the other restaurants seem to do a lot of different events during the weeknights so we are hoping to check that out as well!

*Link to this tee above!*

After having brunch we walked more around the lake and found that on Sunday’s, they have a market going on. To us it felt like a mix between a Farmers Market and an Art & Wine Festival. They had tons of booths with everything from crafts to fresh produce.  My favorite part though HAD to be the little pumpkin patch! This girl has NOT been getting her Fall on lately and with the weather just right and getting to see some pumpkins, I got all kinds of excited! We ended up picking out a few favorites for the house and my day was made!

We loved everything around Lake Eola but also loved all the shops surrounding it in Downtown. We want to go back and check more of that out as well. We are really close so it’s nice to find something that’s so easy to get to.

On the weekends coming up we are planning a couple beach trips and who knows what else! Can’t wait to share πŸ™‚ I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


23 thoughts on “Greetings From Florida #1

    1. Thanks!!! I’ve already worn the shirt twice and I’ve only had it a week! Haha. And it actually kind of feels that way! Everything just feels so new!! I hope that feeing lasts at least a little longer πŸ™‚

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    1. RIGHT?!! Nick and I were both equally excited about that breakfast πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ I mean seriously, tater tots are life! The weather has been absolutely gorgeous! Feeling spoiled!

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