October Favorites!

Happy Monday!! This month has been full of fun goodies, new adventures, and family! We’ve been settling in and enjoying what’s around us and I’ve definitely come across some new loves!!

1. Don’t Follow Your Dreams Follow My Blog Shirt– My mom sent me this shirt at the beginning of the month and how could it not be a favorite?? It’s so comfortable and I’m all about that promoting πŸ˜‰

2.Suburban Riot Shirts– These shirts speak for themselves! They are cute, comfy, and easy to wear with anything! I have to actively stop myself from buying every one they have! I currently have the Coffee one on my radar!

3.Family- With being in Florida we are missing our family and friends and this past weekend my Aunt, Uncle, Cousin and her two girls came for vacation! We get a couple weeks with them and I couldn’t be more excited! We visited the Disney boardwalk this past weekend with them and the next couple weeks will be Disney filled. A weekend trip to the beach is also in the works!

4.Speaking of Disney… we are obsessed! We are pass holders now and love being able to go after work real quick or on the weekend!

5.New Decor- This past month I’ve been loving decorating our new place and adding new pieces! My best friend is on speed dial any time I need help deciding where things should go. I can’t WAIT to finally show you guys our place but I want it to be perfect before I do!!

6.Lake Eola & Exploring– I’m still in love with the day we had at Lake Eola and can’t wait to go back soon! With family in town we won’t be back for a little while, but I foresee it being a favorite for sure. I’ve been loving exploring new places in general this month and can’t wait for more!

7.Trying new recipes– Nick and I have been trying new recipes and searching for easy/healthy things to cook! Nick’s mom recently surprised me and sent me the new SkinnyTaste Crockpot Cookbook and we are already loving what’s in there!

8. All the fall things– I mean hello who isn’t?!?! Even though most days it’s 85 degrees out, we’ve been finding ways to keep that fall spirit going! Also, the cooler nights are helping πŸ™‚

What are some of your favorites?


25 thoughts on “October Favorites!

  1. October is my favorite! I love this list- Some of my monthly favs have been lots of family time, and all the fun fall activities (pumpkin patch, apple orchard etc.) Can’t wait to see the deets of your new home- the sneak peak pics are great!

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  2. That shirt!!!! LOOOVE. Both of them actually- the brunch one is too good too. And incredibly accurate, best meal of the weekend. These pictures are fantastic- and it looks like some great family time ❀ Have a wonderful week, dear!

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    1. It is!!! 😍So yummy! Sometimes we feel a bit spoiled to be able to go whenever!! Are really?? It’s been so gorgeous out this month!! In the low 80s during the day and gets into the 60s at night! I am happy however we weren’t here/ moving during the summer months!!


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