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Florida Bucket List

A bucket list. I’ve actually never officially made one. I would always just say things like “OH! That’s on my bucket list!” or “I guess I can check that off the ole’ bucket list now!” This time though I went official and it was a lot of fun! I keep thinking of things I want to do and finally with a suggestion and great idea from my bestie I made a list!

I’m sure I will check back in with you guys to add some more items and to also check some off the list! Here’s what I have so far πŸ™‚


1.Visiting all the gorgeous beaches & places! These are just the top ones on my mind: Sanibel, Anna Maria Island, Pensacola, Naples, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, St. Augustine, Miami, Tampa, & Tampa Bay Zoo!

*With all the above places I want to research before going to see certain things I may want to do there!*

2.Weekened trip to Key West. Or multiple weekend trips!

3.Go on an airboat! These looks super fun and are advertised everywhere! This is a must for sure!!

4.Universal Studios! I’ve been once before but I really want to go again! I actually pass it every day on the way to work and the urge to just turn in and forget work is REAL.

5.Cirque du Soleil Show– My family that’s in town actually went to a show here and LOVED it. I’ve never been to a show like that and would love to! I would also like to go to ones in other places like Vegas but why not FL too!

6.Helicopter ride over Disney! It would just be so cool to see it from above!

7.Some sort of boat trip! Not sure what kind but the wheels in my mind are turning!


8.Sunsets on the Beach & Meals on the Beach! Just because πŸ™‚

9.Find more local spots. I loved Lake Eola so much that I can’t wait to find more around us!

10.State parks. They have TONS all around Florida! Including the Florida Caverns State Park, Marianna & Blue Spring State Park.

I would absolutely LOVE to hear if you have other places/things that need to be added to this bucket list! I already know I will be adding to this and can’t wait to start checking some off! 



24 thoughts on “Florida Bucket List

  1. A gator show, you can swim with manatees, Shelling is a must, Paddle boarding with friends, dolphin spotting, the banana boat, & waterskiing. Donnie’s donuts in Daytona is a must!! They are amazing! Florida is so much fun! I have a master bucket list but I also write a yearly one of things I want to do by the end of the year. Helps me to focus so I don’t waste my precious free time. Enjoy all those beach days!

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  2. When I was little, I loved to go to Weeki Wachee Springs and watch the underwater show that the “mermaids” performed. It was tiny and a bit primitive then, but now I think it has been revamped quite a bit.

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  3. You should add “Watching Sea Turtles hatch” on your list! My mom lives in Hollywood, and they had nests up and down their beach all summer. You can volunteer for organizations and “watch” the nests when they’re around hatching time!

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  4. I visit my parents in Sarasota every year… I love the bright white sand at siesta key beach where you can collect whole sand dollars in super shallow water. And Venice beach to collect hands full shark teeth in the sand. And lastly I look forward to First Watch breakfast daily … I wish we had one in Cali!! 😍

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