The Dumb Bunnies: A Childhood Tale! 

Happy Friday! With my family being in town it has me remembering all kinds of childhood memories! It’s so fun looking back and remembering the little things that make you who you are! There are a couple that I just couldn’t help but share with you!

Enjoy 🙂

Kissing: Growing up my family always kissed on the lips. That phased out as I got older but when we were little that’s just how it was! My Nana however did not do this. She was all about kissing on the cheek! She was older and didn’t want to get sick but little Kaitlyn just couldn’t get that through her mind! It was almost a challenge! I remember squishing her face and saying “On the liiiiipppppppsssss,” again and again. My little second cousin, Kylie (3) has now developed this as well. At every goodbye she wants to squish your face and you MUST give a smooch on the lips!

Ice cream: While my mom was pregnant with me, she was OBSESSED with mint chocolate chip ice cream. She would ask my dad to go get her a tub of it and would proceed to sit there with a towel wrapped around the tub of ice cream (hello, its cold) and eat it with a fork. Fun fact: My little sister is actually 7 years younger then me; when my mom got pregnant with her, it was the same thing! Only this time seven year old Kaitlyn was there and could not wait to be included in this tradition! I still to this day eat ice cream with a fork and my mom and I still text about the days of eating it out of the tub with a towel. Don’t worry though! My sister got to participate too. We don’t give up on traditions easy 😉 Even if no one’s pregnant!

Calling 911: I’m not proud of this (okay maybe a little because it’s hilarious) but I called 911 twice when I was little; for no good reason. The first time was with my Nana. I snuck to the phone, dialed and BAM. Hung up that phone as soon as it started ringing! The bad part? They can trace the call and called my house asking if someone had called. Even though my Nana said it must have been me they still need to stop by and make sure everyone’s okay and that no one’s making me say that. That day I got a stern talking to by a cop and ALSO got his card! Not too shabby!

You would think I would stop after that, right? Not a chance! Remember what I said up there? Us girls don’t give up that easy! The next time was a couple years later. I was playing with my dad and sister and we were all tickling each other. To give reference I was about 8. I tickled my dad and down he went! He flopped to the ground and acted like stone! Eight year old Kaitlyn knew he was just kidding but when I shook him and asked him to move he wouldn’t. So I did the next thing. Called the cops! I of course hung up again and well, the whole thing repeated itself.

The Dumb Bunnies: Honestly this isn’t even really a story about me or my childhood. My parents bought a book called The Dumb Bunnies and I was OBSESSED with it! Always making them read it again and again and then when I could, I would read it over and over out loud. The book tells a story about three dumb bunnies and a little girl who goes through their house. Pretty much a goldilocks and the three bears type deal, but dumb. One of the last lines of the book is literally “So he flushed her down the marry toilet!” I read it to Nick the other day and he couldn’t believe this was an actual children’s book. It’s hilarious and I think the reason I loved it so much was because my mom would laugh and laugh until she was in tears. Trust me. You need to experience this! Lucky for you I found a youtube video of someone reading it. You’re welcome!
I would love to hear some of your favorite/funniest childhood memories!


24 thoughts on “The Dumb Bunnies: A Childhood Tale! 

  1. I think my favorite memories of childhood are going fishing alone with my daddy and Mama driving us around to “look at boys” when we were about 12. Of course we weren’t allowed to even go out with a boy in a group until we were 16 but we window shopped for years!

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  2. I was totally thinking the other day, how we used to kiss our parents on the lips when we were little – it was just what you did! Obviously that isn’t how that is anymore but I laughed when I read that you’d hold your Grandma’s face and say “On the liiiips!” haha!

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  3. One of the funniest was during High School I was infamous for chewing gum. Often sent to the Asst. Principal’s office (who was friends with my Dad) and one day he had enough of seeing me. He walked me out to the track field (which was crab grass and mostly sand and made me dig a 6 inch hole with my bare hands to bury the wad of gum. Say what??????????? So I did as he told me (sweating in 95 degree heat my HS is on the beachside-the only one in the area). That did not stop me when I returned to classes I popped another piece of gum into my mouth and chewed away! BaHaHaHa…My Daddy found no humor in this! My car keys were taken away from me for one week-no driving! Did I stop chewing gum in school-No Way!!! xo

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  4. I saw the video of The Dumb Bunnies! It’s really hilarious and I can’t believe it’s a children’s book! I guess it was intended more as a stress-reliever for the parents! Lol!
    And your 911 stories are funny too! I enjoyed reading your post! 😊

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