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Current Skin Care Routine

Skincare. So important but SO easily forgotten at times. I know I’m guilty of it when I’m exhausted and want to go to bed with makeup on. I love makeup and love doing it but I honestly always see a difference in how my makeup looks when I’m on my game with my skin care routine and when I’m not.

I will be the first to say that I need to up this routine even more. Two things I really need to add into my routine are oils and serums. I have used some before and IMMEDIATELY  saw a difference. Since then I’ve run out and haven’t taken the time to research others. I’m on the hunt now and would LOVE recommendations!

As for this post, I wanted to give you my updated skin care routine. I’ve updated it a bit over time and have really been liking it lately! I believe skin care is always changing and I want to show you what I’m doing right now and what works for me. I also love this because it’s realistic! It doesn’t take long and when I do it regularly, always leaves my skin feeling wonderful!

Step OneAcneFree face wash. Nick actually got me addicted to this stuff! I’ve never had acne before. Usually I’ll just get spots here and there but this stuff is amazing; even though I usually steer clear of any “acne free” things because they are more harsh I’ve found, this is not!

Step Two: Simple products: I love the Micellar cleansing water and face wipes! On a daily basis I prefer the micellar cleansing water but I think the wipes are great to have on-hand for late nights or nights you are away from home!

Step Three: Artnaturals Toner! I got this on Elite Deal Club and could not have been more surprised! After only paying a dollar for this, I thought it really couldn’t be that great! I am happy to say I was wrong and this toner has made my skin wonderful! It also doesn’t dry my skin out, which happens to me sometimes with toners.

Step Four, Last step: Cetaphil Moisturizer! This has been my go to moisturizer for a couple years now. I love it because it keeps my skin soft and hydrated but not greasy! I also love using it all over my hands and chest when putting it on before bed.

Side note: For the micellar water and toner I use cotton pads. I usually go for the Basic brand at Target!

What are your top skincare products? I would love to hear!





15 thoughts on “Current Skin Care Routine

  1. I am the absolute worst with my skincare! I love this post πŸ™‚ I always look to the simple brand for skincare items, they have never done me wrong so far! I used to use their makeup wipes all the time. At the moment I have been using Amie Skincare – you can buy their range in Waitrose, I’ve done a post about them on my blog in case you were interested! I just never know what to do after cleanser but before moisturiser… I feel like I need more than moisturiser in winter! love this post πŸ™‚ xxx

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      1. Good to hear that Kaitlyn πŸ™‚
        I’m happy to see, that more companies are taking responsibility and leave the area, where animal testing are included.
        The Body Shop don’t use this in any way in their products, either do their partners.
        There are companies, who not do it themselves, but the partner do it, so just be awake, if you wish to buy cruel free.


  2. GIRL, witch hazel is so good for your skin, I swear by the stuff. I am pretty sure I talk about it in ever single one of my blogs. I never see other people talking about it though, it’s so underrated. And this Vitamin C Witch Hazel Toner? I have got to try it.

    You say you are lacking in the skin care area but the products you are using are really good for your skin so just stay on it. Sleeping with your makeup on is sooooo bad!

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    1. Okay so now this is the second time I’m hearing about it!! I will definitely give it a try!!! And thanks!!! I’m feeling pretty good about my routine now! Just gotta add a couple more things!!!:) and I know!!! That is such a no no but sometimes it happens 😦

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