These Heels Were Made For Walkin!

Happy Friday!! Does anyone else have Christmas music stuck in their heads?! Pretty sure I’ve had Jingle Bells stuck in my head all week and honestly don’t think I’ve heard it since last year. It’s like my brain just knows and implanted it there. In other non-Christmas news I’m looking forward to a beach weekend with the family and exploring new parts of Florida! Just gotta get through this work day! πŸ™‚

Now on to the good stuff!

With starting my new job I’ve had to completely redo my work wardrobe. It’s been a lot of fun to put together a professional wardrobe and create new styles. One part of this has been wearing heels everyday. I already can’t wait to find cute new beauties to add to my collection but in the meantime I have the BEST go-to pair! 

Years ago I purchased a black pair of Comfort Plus heels from Payless. I never really used them unless it was a special occasion and considering my last job was jeans attire and a warehouse setting, they REALLY never got touched.

When I moved here, I whipped out those bad boys again and since then have learned a couple tips and one I couldn’t WAIT to share.

First little tip, heels don’t last forever if you wear them everyday! That’s probably a big DUH but because I never used mine, they really did feel like they lasted forever! Now that I wear them everyday, my black heels got worn out really fast. They got scuffs on them and let’s get real guys…GROSS. I can not be the only one that gets sweaty feet!!! At my job I am constantly on  my feet and running around and after a couple weeks those things were just gross!

I went to pick up a new pair and went with the nude pair of Comfort Plus. These really are my go to because they go with everything and like their name: are extremely comfortable!  While I was there I was talking to the sales girl and the best thing ever came into my life: HEEL SOCKS.

Now I don’t know about you guys but I had no ideas these things existed! I have the pairs of no-show socks I wear with my sneakers but those would always show up on the sides. These are the PERFECT solution. They have a rubber pad on the heel that not only keeps them comfortable but also keeps your heels from slipping out of your shoes!

They make the heels so much more comfortable with moving around all day and completely take away any awful sweaty feet you may have! My heels still look and smell brand new after multiple uses! I also got a couple pairs in black!

After I found these I immediately told my coworkers and one of the girls said they even make some that go up higher on your toes if you have a different cut heel. I will definitely be on the look out for more of these!

Have you guys ever used anything like this? I would love your tips on how you make wearing heels all day, every day, more bearable!



36 thoughts on “These Heels Were Made For Walkin!

    1. They do! That’s what I was most nervous about! Because of the rubber part on the heel they never slip off. I can take my heels on and off multiple times and my socks never budge!!


  1. When I first started working at my current job in an office setting, I used to wear heels constantly. The easiest ones to bear are the low wedges one, I prefer then with the wedges being slim to not look too chunky. I would recommend stopping in at DSW, some of the shoes there are better quality material for the same price as Payless, so they will last longer. Also, they have a couple of short heels with even more cushioning. Something that I did learn when I started wearing more designer heels too (thank you Nordstrom Racks clearance) is that they’re not necessarily more comfortable. This is due to a better structured and harder material. But there are always inserts to make them just as comfy.

    I did not know about the socks, my feet sweat too so that’s really good to know. I usually use cotton inserts for the ball of the feet so they don’t slip.

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    1. Wow! Never heard of the cotton inserts! I will definitely have to look at those!

      I will most definitely stop at DSW! Now that I wear heels more it will be fun to start a little collection! I will have to check out Nordstrom Rack as well!!! Thanks so much for all the advice!!:)


  2. Beautiful heals! I actually did know about heel socks before. When I found out I was so shocked and excited! The ones you have pictured here are a little different than mine, and I love them! Mine show just the tiniest on the sides. Will be on the look out for this style of heel sock now!

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