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Kids Really Do Say The Darnedest Things

Happy Wednesday Babes! Let’s get real. I was on here just a week or so ago talking about how I was under the weather, and here I am again with a nasty bug! It’s really just an annoying cold but still, I hate it! I’ve chalked it up to being around Disney parks with tons of germs and also little cousins who LOVE to be right in your face while sneezing and obviously want to kiss you on the mouth because, Hello: family.

Speaking of my sweet family, I was so lucky and got to spend a couple weeks with them while they were in town. Two of those family members included the CUTEST little second cousins a girl could ask for! One is three and one is five. They are the sweetest girls and make me smile and laugh every second I’m with them.

Now I understand how people get baby fever. Oof. But lets pretend I didn’t just say that.

While I was with them I couldn’t stop laughing at all the adorable things the three year old would say. Just so sweet and innocent and then I realized…kids really do say the darndest things! Here are some I just couldn’t help but share!

– You had to give it up to this sweet girl. When she wanted something, she REALLY wanted it. Nay. NEEDED it. One day she randomly proclaimed…I need chips. I cannot tell you how many times we heard…”Um Kaitlyn, I need chips” “You get me chips?” “I neeeeeeeed chips”. It was a damn chipmergency! And kid you not, in all of Epcot we couldn’t find any! She eventually stopped mentioning them but that night when we got to a different park we found the prized chips. My Aunt walked up to her and proudly held them up to which the cutie exclaimed ” I needed those!!!!!”

-Okay, we can all enjoy a nice looking car right? But a three year old? The second Nick and I rolled up to see them she ran to the car, opened my door and while caressing the air vent said “This car is amazingggggg”.

*Dont worry! They didn’t actually drive in the car…just wanted a picture in it. It’s amazinggggg!*

-I’ve realized something. Nick is bound to be the favorite in every situation. People, animals, everything just loves him! I’m terrified for us to get a pet because I obviously want to be the favorite and I just don’t see that happening. These little girls were no different. I would arrive at their RV, open the door and the first thing I would hear is… “Um Kaitlyn, Where’s Nick?” She loved her Nick and don’t you DARE try and separate them on a ride.

-My Aunt told me the other day the little girls missed us and told her ” We have plenty of room, they can just live with us!” I don’t think my Aunt thought that was as great of an idea as they did!

-One night while eating dinner she got really into feeding Nick chips. “Open your mouth, babbyyyyyyy” It was the absolute cutest! Well later, she tried to feed me something, she held it up and I of course opened my mouth. To which she said “You can do it yourself! You’re a big girl!” My bad…


-Since the three year old just loved riding with Nick on rides she always stood with him in line. While waiting for one ride she kept whispering to him and looking at me. I eventually asked what they were talking about and she whispers “I’m telling him to marry you already!!” How did she even know what that was?!?! We all had a good laugh but it wasn’t until later we found out what it really meant. Later while I was holding her, Nick walked up and she held both of our faces saying “Just get married already!!”. They we realized it…getting married means kissing!!

I wish my family lived closer but I’m so happy to be in a position now to see them more! What cute things do the kids in your life say?!?



12 thoughts on “Kids Really Do Say The Darnedest Things

  1. THIS WAS SO CUTE!!!! hahaha I’m dying over the chipmergency… but I feel her! I love being around kids, they really do come out with the craziest things, but right now, it’s definitely nice to visit/borrow them! πŸ˜‰

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