How To Map Out Your Future Vacations in 5 Ways!

Happy Friday!

This week was a bit of a rough one! I’ve been fighting a cold all week and can’t wait to sleep in and do nothing tomorrow!

I wanted to share the blog swap I put on Allisons blog last week because ever since I can’t help but think about traveling!

How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways

Happy Thursday beauties! It feels good to be back with another blog swap! This week we are trying something a little different and are both talking about the same dreamy subject. Travel! We are both sharing with you our top 5 places we want to travel next!

I left out a trip we already have planned because I want to focus on trips we are dreaming up right now! Make sure you head over to my blog to check out what Allison’s top places are! She’s my favorite travel buddy, so anywhere she’s going…count me in!

1.Ireland-This place just looks MAGICAL. Nick’s sister went a couple years ago and just confirmed everything I thought. I dream of the day I arrive there!

2.California-That’s a weird one to say! Ever since we moved I’ve thought about the next time we will go back and visit. It’s fun…

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