Greetings From Florida #2

After my family got their Disney fix, they moved on to the next part of their trip… Cape Coral-Fort Myers! It was a nice two and a half hour drive from Orlando to the Gulf Coast. I hopped in the RV with the girls and Nick, along with my Uncle, followed in our car! Let me tell ya…you haven’t traveled till you’ve traveled in an RV! It was insane how much I could see being that high up! It was also weirdly scary!

This was our first time going West while living here and we were both excited to see something new. Once we got settled, we drove about 25 minutes to Sanibel and Captiva Island and I was beyond in love! It was absolutely gorgeous. We parked in a little lot right in Captiva; the lots are pretty small so you have to luck out to get a spot it seems; also, make sure to bring cash: not only for tolls but also parking. The machine also took Visa but I’m not sure if they all do.

My family loves going to this spot because it’s where Captiva and Sanibel meet. We spent some time enjoying the rays and laying out and then walked across the bridge to enjoy some Sanibel views. The best part had to be the shells. There were so many beautiful shells lining the beach. My family and co-workers had told me about this but you never really know what to expect until you see it for yourself. Also, hello dolphins! We saw at least 6 dolphins while laying out. They were so close to the shore and kept popping up to say hello!

After relaxing at the beach we went to an early dinner at Doc Ford’s Rum Bar & Grille then checked out The Mucky Duck which is right on the beach. We will definitely be checking that out again! Being there also made me realize one thing, one weekend is just not enough! There is so much to still explore! While driving around we kept making mental notes of all the cute little hotels on the beach for the future!

While driving home we made sure to look out for all the little towns and beaches we’ve been dying to go to and I was so excited to see they were only a little over an hour away! That will make for a much easier day trip! We will definitely be going to those soon!

Have any of you guys visited these places? I can’t wait to keep adventuring!



17 thoughts on “Greetings From Florida #2

    1. The weather is absolutely amazing here right now but I have actually been getting jealous of all these snow pictures!! I just want to curl up on the couch in front of a fire!


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