Happy Thanksgiving! 

Happy Thanksgiving Friends 🙂

Today Nick and I are having a little Thanksgiving for two! It’s of course weird and sad to be away from our families today but also special to be sharing this together and making some traditions of our own.

I wanted  to do a short and sweet post today simply on what I’m thankful for. And this year that’s pretty simple!

Nick and our family and friends 🙂

Nick is my rock through and through. He makes me laugh and makes me so happy to be doing this adventure with him.

Our family has been there for us through this move every step of the way and we couldn’t have done it without them! Even though it’s sometimes hard being so far away we know we will see them soon and texting and FaceTime make the distance easier.

Our friends are beyond amazing. I FaceTime my best friend every week and wouldn’t have it any other way. Distance is hard but that seems to make it easy:)

I’m also thankful for…pizza, Netflix, blogging, good weather, beer, cute clothes, makeup and a bunch of other stuff… but who isn’t?!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for?



8 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving! 

  1. Aww, I love how in touch you stay with all your friends and family. The MOST important aspects of life! Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, even if it was a bit different than normal 🙂 Besides the biggees- I’m thankful for our Church, sweet potatoes, red wine, amazon prime, and rainy days ❤

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