Thanksgiving For Two!

Happy Monday!! I definitely wasn’t ready to come back to work today after such a wonderful break! It always goes by way too fast! Since Nick and I just moved here, we decided to stay home for the holidays and just do something for the two of us. We missed our family but decided to still try and make it special!

A favorite tradition of mine is always watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and this year didn’t disappoint! I loved it like always and it was a nice way to make the day actually feel like Thanksgiving even though it wasn’t the norm for us!

We debated for a while on whether or not we wanted to cook our own dinner or just buy a Thanksgiving dinner from the many restaurants that do that here. Picking up a pre made dinner seemed easier at first with it being just the two of us rather then cooking it ourselves.

In the end, the holiday spirt got to us and we decided it would be much more fun to give the cooking a whirl! I was also interested in how much we would spend if it was for just the two of us and if we could do it affordably.

We cooked a turkey breast instead of a whole big turkey, crockpot mac and cheese, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls and appetizers! For apps I kept it simple with deviled eggs and then threw in a new recipe I found on the Pillsbury website for little Sausage Crescent Cheese Balls. They were amazing. A little too good actually because its so easy to eat way too many!

Everything turned out absolutely amazing and I was so impressed with my turkey. I really just didn’t want to burn it or make it super dry and it was neither, so for me it was a win! I used a cooking bag to cook it in and I highly recommend it. I didn’t have to worry about basting and it made everything much easier! I also didn’t have to be as concerned about it being dry.

We had leftovers all weekend long and even had two friends over Saturday and fed them as well! The turkey breast was about 5.5 pounds and was the perfect size! I don’t know what we would have done with anything bigger.

After everything was said and done, I tallied up the receipts and it was only $46.32 for everything! I say thats pretty damn good!! We got multiple yummy meals and that includes all the little things you don’t normally think about like a thermometer and baking pan and bags!

How was your Thanksgiving weekend?



14 thoughts on “Thanksgiving For Two!

  1. What a perfect holiday for you guys! You did such a great job cooking — $46 is not bad at alllllll! I will be thinking about crockpot mac & cheese and sausage crescent cheese balls for the rest of the day now!! Yum!! πŸ™‚

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  2. I so love this. You guys made such a special memory between the two of you, and I bet you will reflect back years from now and treasure something that seemed so simple at the time! Thanks for sharing with us. The food allll looked delish! xo ❀

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