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November Favorites 

Happy December everybody!! I first of all can’t believe its December already but I’m also PUMPED. This time of year is just the best and I am all about that holiday cheer! Give me all the decorations and all the fun movies!

One of my favorite posts lately is my monthly favorites and this month is no different! Let’s get to it!

1.Spending so Much Time With Family– It was so much fun having so much time with family that I hadn’t seen in years. I miss them already but am so happy to have gotten to do so many fun things with them!

2.  Thanksgiving for Two– I still love going and looking at this Thanksgiving post. It was just such a fun and special day together! Different then normal but still so sweet 🙂

3. Getting Back into a Fitness Routine- It’s been a long journey since we moved for me getting back into my old routine! We’ve been having so much fun going out and exploring but I definitely wasn’t taking time to take care of my body. More on this to come!

4. New Clothes and Makeup– Black Friday was good to me. Not my wallet! Can’t wait to show you guys next week!

5.Christmas Decorations Going Up– Ain’t nobody waiting till December!

6. Florida Beaches- Freaking gorgeous! I can’t wait to explore even more!

7. Lazy days- We have been go go go lately, and its been so nice to have some lazy and relaxing days! It’s also proved to be very productive! I’ve been a cleaning machine and it also inspired some new recipes. Win win!

8. Blogging and this Community!– You guys are all truly amazing! I’ve always known this but especially lately I’ve felt so much support from everyone! It’s so wonderful to form actual friendships with people you meet on the internet and get to see what they are up to in their lives! Especially since upping my social media game, I get to interact everyday it seems!

What are some of the things you loved this month?



15 thoughts on “November Favorites 

  1. Love this post, thanks for sharing! I’ll have to think on some of my favorite things from November! I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Real Neat Blog Award. Keep up the great work. 😚


    1. Can’t believe I am just seeing this! Thank you for the nomination! Made my day! And thank you for the sweet words! Favorites posts are some of the best!! 🙂 I hope you’re 2017 is the best so far!

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  2. Hi Kaitlyn!
    Happy December!!! I love this time of year too. I can’t believe that Christmas is right around the corner :). It looks like November was a wonderful month for you. I really enjoyed your pics and reading about your adventures! I hope December will be wonderful too!
    ❤ Alana

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  3. Kaitlyn, you are truly one of my favorite blogs to follow because you are so genuine and I relate to soo much of your life! Thank you for sharing this with us! I love how you embrace even the simple things ❤

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