Top 7 Disney Park Tips! 

I’ve been thinking about this post for what seems like forever now and am so excited to finally be sharing it! I’m sure I’ll be back with more because we all know I’ll post this and immediately think of another tip… Anyways! Let’s get real, Nick and I love Disney! We always have. We both loved it when we were younger and together, the love has just grown more!

Disneyland was one of the first big trips Nick and I ever took together and then Disneyworld was the first really big trip we took together! We always have the best time and now we still pinch ourselves that we live so close! And no, we don’t get sick of it! If anything, it makes it better in my opinion because on days where its just so crazy and we don’t feel like waiting in line, we don’t have to! We can enjoy what we want and then go somewhere else! No stress of super long days!

I’ve gathered up some tips from our past trips and while living here on how to make any Disney visits you may be planning, as easy as possible! With going so much lately we definitely feel like we’ve got the hang of it!

Let’s get to it!

1.Dont bring any water bottles or Camelbaks! Nick and I always used to carry water bottles with us and it gets so heavy over time! I’m ALL about that hydration, especially on hot Florida days but the key to that is…quick service food locations! There are so many places all around the park and you can simply walk up and ask for two ice waters. From what we’ve seen, they already have some prepped and ready! No need to feel awkward about not ordering anything else, they totally understand! And don’t worry about lines! They have so many of these places we’ve never had a problem just walking up to somewhere even on the busiest of days. Did I also mention free? Such a good way to save money! No need to buy water bottles for the whole family at $5 or so a pop!

2.Don’t wear a backpack if possible; fanny pack or bust! Just like water, Nick and I always used to bring a backpack and pass it off. Now I know this won’t apply to families with kids because you might need things right on hand, but if you can swing it, bring as little as you can! Sometimes I bring a fanny pack for our go pro and my phone but other times the phone goes in my pocket and off we go! It makes standing in lines and walking around all day that much easier.

3.Save your Fastpasses and skip the Fantasmic Fastpass. Fastpasses are a huge deal in all parks and are a BIG help in not waiting in lines. We are all about them but I wouldn’t recommend the Fantamic Fastpass. We have gone to the show with and without one and we saw no real difference except that we got put in a more awkward spot with the Fastpass. The sitting area is huge for this show and you will have no problem getting a great seat even last minute. Fastpass gets you in a bit earlier but all that does is have you sit there longer and you are forced into a sitting area instead of really choosing.

4.Fantasyland: Be an early bird! When the park first opens is the best time to hop on all your favorites in this area!

5.Use the fireworks and parades to your advantage! Go on all those rides you might have not wanted to wait in lines for. Some rides you can almost walk right on! Great ones are Haunted Mansion and if its warm enough, Splash Mountain!

6.Photopass is completely worth the money. When we visited a couple years ago we purchased the Photopass and could not stop raving about it. Anytime we wanted to stop for a professional picture we could and it would be loaded onto the magic band. Also, anytime you are on a ride that takes a photo it automatically loads onto your band. When the trip was over we loaded them all onto our laptop and boom! Memories forever! We didn’t have to purchase any prints and it was such a good deal for an unlimited amount of photos. *People with annual passes get this included with their pass*

7. Enter the Magic Kingdom by Monorail. At Disneyworld, there are 4 main parks, 3 of which are easy to park your car and walk right in; at Magic Kingdom however you need to either take a Monorail or Ferryboat. Now I will say,the ferryboat should be done at least once because its very cool to get to the park that way and see it from the water. However, it can take a bit! With one boat at a time, even two, you have to wait for loading and unloading and timing is everything! The other option is the monorail and it’s so quick! That’s what we choose to take 90% of the time and it makes getting to and from the park much more efficient! Also, monorails are awesome!

I hope these little tips help if you see a Disney trip in your future 🙂 I will definitely be keeping track of any others I discover while in the parks and let you guys know! I would love to hear any tips you’ve picked up while visiting any of the parks!




12 thoughts on “Top 7 Disney Park Tips! 

    1. Apparently at the Magic Kingdom here there is a really great morning show when they open the park that we really want to see! We saw one years ago that they did but they have since changed it. It’s tiring but so fun to get there early!


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