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TV Shows I’m Binging On

Happy Hump Day! Today I’m excited to talk about something very, very important.

What shows we all binge watch.

Come on! We all do it! At least I hope it’s not just me? Anyways, I wrote down some of the shows that have been keeping my attention lately. Anyone else feel like sometimes there’s just so much to watch and other times you can’t find anything. Well right now there just seems to be so many things we’re loving and I just had to share!

1.The Good Place: Kristin Bell is the main character (love her), and finds herself in the “Good Place” after dying. This show is hilarious! Such a fun concept and you can quickly catch up! First season is up on Hulu and season 2 comes out in January!
 photo 21280BDD-BEEC-4D42-B495-56027112F383_zpsktivwrfx.jpg

2.Happy Endings: A group of 7 friends living in Chicago and all the crazy things that happen to them. The cast is amazing and guys I’m gonna be real, this show has me in a show depression! Ever get those?! You get so sucked in and then you finish…only to find out they aren’t making it any more and your a couple years late to the party. Either way, it’s worth it. It’s all on Hulu, so go watch! This is my most favorite on the list but don’t tell  the others!

 photo 2641C790-A00E-4B16-A47C-A525AB244921_zpso0tmjcon.jpg

3.Westworld: This is based on a futuristic park with robot “hosts” for rich vacationers to visit. This show is nuts! The first season is out on HBO and we had heard so many good things about it that we just had to give it a try. This is definitely the most different from all the others but gets you sucked in immediately and you can’t stop! Forewarning though, lots of blood and nudity. Just putting that out there! photo FB673C6B-C405-499E-A58B-846521389EDB_zpslru6pcdj.jpg

4.The Mindy Project: A badass and hilarious Dr. in New York and her crazy life. I’ve been watching this show a while now and the newest season just came out. I may always say this but I think it’s the best season yet! Such a hilarious show and always gives me all the feels. photo 03F33E3C-F1D2-49CF-A362-345CB631CAD6_zpsxc91pjhs.jpg

5.Last Man Standing: Like the title says you follow Tim Allen’s character along with his wife and three daughters and his adventures of being the only man in the house. This is our favorite go to show when we don’t 100% want to invest in a show. It’s really light hearted and a show you don’t need to watch every second just to understand the plot. Need a show to clean the house to too make it more fun? This is it! photo 58024BE6-348F-4A00-AF9F-A5DFA373A8C9_zpsgxmvz7kq.jpg

6.Gilmore Girls- A Year In The Life: 10 years later and Gilmore Girls has been revived! The best mother-daughter duo is back, I’m sure most of you figured this one because the internet went absolutely insane when it came out. I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews but I loved it. It’s a must see, especially if you’re a fan. Fair warning, I cried like a baby at the last episode! photo C7853F42-CD6B-4306-B171-70BB3173E4F8_zpsqi2r8kx0.jpg

7.Ben & Lauren Ever After: Reality show following Ben and Lauren as a newly engaged couple after the Bachelor. This one I didn’t really binge watch but I’ve been face timing my bestie to watch these episodes the last couple weeks; and we are both at the point where we are watching because we just need to see what happens. The show just feels really scripted and off in a way. If your a fan of the Bachelor shows I say give it a try just because.
 photo F2FC2301-941F-4DFD-A157-F3D130145361_zpsozpsbiyp.jpg

Have you guys seen any of these? What are you currently watching? I need some suggestions!



24 thoughts on “TV Shows I’m Binging On

  1. Veep, The Affair and The Mindy Project are what I will be binge watching over Christmas break. I’m going to check out Happy Endings now too – thanks πŸ™‚


  2. I might have to take a couple of your suggestions!
    Lately I’ve been on historical fiction kick, and have been binge watching Reign, The Crown, and last week I totally watched Gilmore girls back to back! But I have to say I was disappointed, it wasn’t what I was expecting at all! But I’m still glad they brought it back!


  3. YESS! Love this post. My husband and I are ALWAYS looking for new suggestions, especially since we just finished The Office! I am dying to finish up the regular seasons of Gilmore Girls so I can watch the new ones. And Ben & Lauren: I fell off track with that one!!! I agree that it felt super scripted, BUT there were definitely aspects that I just found fascinating about it. I am such a sticky beak (nosy), and like to know about these people’s lives. So I probably will get caught up at some point. I also am currently behind on Chicago Med, How to get Away with Murder, & Greys Anatomy! All so good. Have a great rest of your week dear!

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    1. I’ve never heard of the term “sticky beak” but I absolutely love it and am totally one! That’s probably why I finished the season out! I will definitely have to give some of those shows a try! I watched Greys for so long but I’m always such a wreck that I stopped haha!

      Liked by 1 person

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