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Blog Swap! Creating My Own Christmas Traditions!

Guess what day it is!? Yes, it’s Thursday! BUT it’s also BLOG SWAP day! That’s right! I can’t believe another month has already gone by. And crazy to say, but the next time y’all will hear from me on here will be next year! Be sure to head over to my blog today and visit Kaitlyn and check out her post! Today we’re talking about making our own Christmas traditions since we fully submerged ourselves in adulthood.

When I lived at home I had my traditions with my family; you know, those activities I did every year with my parents and sister. Moving out on my own was definitely weird that first Christmas because I learned that people have to actually buy Christmas decorations, wrapping supplies, and anything else holiday. I never really thought about it, but just knew that my mom always had everything!


It’s been pretty fun actually creating my own traditions with the boyfriend. We have slowly been coming up with new things we want to do each year, and I’m totally loving it!

Watch a White Christmas movie. This was a tradition at my parents house, but honestly, it is my absolute favorite Christmas movie! And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, look it up, and make sure to watch the “Sisters” number! Such a cute musical, and I think the boyfriend secretly likes watching it too.

Champagne on Christmas Eve. We started this last year, but we’re calling it a new tradition! We make a fire, turn on all the Christmas lights, and split a bottle of champagne on Christmas Eve. Celebrating the holiday season, and hello, duh, champagne.

Chop down our tree. When I was a kid we would chop down our tree, and then eventually we went to a fake tree, which was totally fine. But now that I live on my own, I’m like, heck yeah, I want to chop down my own tree! After the first year, I learned that the boyfriend is MUCH better at doing the actual chopping, so he mostly takes care of that. But I’m a great sidekick and supervisor!

Go looking at Christmas lights. The boyfriend and I pick one random night out of the month to jump in the Jeep with our warm cozy clothes and drive around a few neighborhoods and check out all the lights! I love looking at the lights! And of course, we pump those Christmas tunes for the ride!


What kind of Christmas traditions have you started making in your adulting process? What are some things that you love to do every year?



10 thoughts on “Blog Swap! Creating My Own Christmas Traditions!

  1. Since I’m WAY into my adulting I’ve had some traditions that are decades old. One thing we always did was get Sparkling White Grape Juice (the version of champagne you can legally give your kids) for Christmas Eve. We also always allowed (because it was tradition when I was growing up) one gift to be unwrapped on Christmas Eve. It wasn’t something from Santa, of course, he hadn’t arrived yet. But it helped tone down the excitement so someone would go to bed. It also helped the kids go to bed. And, oh, yes, the lights! The tradition around here is that there must be a candle in every window. At my farm this meant having about 60 candles! We’d light our lights then go to town and drive around looking at all the lovely lights and decorations. It’s an old, old town with very old houses so the homes were just gorgeous all lit up!


  2. Aww…my family and I used to get in the car and go looking at people lights, too! But now that we’re all older, we don’t really do it anymore, but you just brought back so many memories!


  3. I love going around town looking at all the Christmas lights! That is something that has to happen every year for me. Without it, it doesn’t feel like Christmas. The only thing with me and the whole Christmas lights, I have to have 2 things – Hot Dark Chocolate and Trans Siberian Orchestra. It’s a must!


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