Fitness Friday#…?

Happy Friday! This weekend we have a Christmas party and will hopefully be spending the rest of the weekend exploring orlando.

I used to do a series on here called Fitness Friday that eventually ran its course. Since moving: working out and fitness in general had been put on the back burner. I was making it to the gym maybe two times a week and watching what I ate for the most part but really letting myself enjoy what I wanted. Nothing is wrong with that but I realized I just wasn’t feeling like myself.

Fitness should be something you do to make you feel good. To make you happy. It doesn’t matter your size or what your doing, just what makes you feel like the best you! I’ve been feeling lethargic and tired and honestly unhappy with how things have been fitting.

So I decided to stop wining and get back to it! There are a couple things that have helped me stay somewhat consistent and others that are helping me get back into the swing of things! These are all things I’m sure you’ve heard before but sometimes hearing it again is what helps. I know thats the case for me!

1.Water, water, water- I take a water bottle to work everyday and make sure to fill it multiple times. Some days are harder then others when it’s really busy but when I’m drinking enough water I can really feel the difference!

2.Start slow- Sometimes I get way to hard on myself. I will go from working out maybe twice a week, to feeling like I need to jump back into twice a day. I’ve realized I just need to add more. Last week was four days working out, and this week will be more. Slow and steady!

3.Make adjustments one at a time- Same as above, one thing at a time! Cut out one thing at a time that you know probably isn’t great for you and making you not feel your best.

4.Accountability- A friend of mine is a fitness coach and always posts the most motivating things online of her waking up and kicking ass at her workout and the things she’s eating. Seeing that makes me want to kick ass too! Also, Nick is a huge help at this. That kid is always SO motivated to workout so he definitely pushes me. And that makes it a lot more fun! This post is also a form of accountability for me!

5.Moderation- I am all about moderation! I always have been, but sometimes you need to cut things out a bit more to hit your goals and then reward yourself in healthier ways. My example is: I love pizza; so instead of eating healthy all week and then ordering pizza on Friday night I make my own. I control what goes on it and what dough I use. I also make my own “skinny wings” so that I can have a treat but not go crazy. And honestly I prefer it now!

6.Lastly, some of you might remember this post. This was months ago when I was neck deep in preparing for the move and talking about getting my workout groove back. So my last tip? Don’t give up! So corny, I know! But its true. No matter what, the most important part of getting to where you want to be, is not giving up.

And for anyone who’s in maybe the same place as me or just wants to be more active then this is for you! You aren’t alone and you can do it! http___signatures-mylivesignature-com_54494_285_900ff128169fb1b2687045338fadd45c


11 thoughts on “Fitness Friday#…?

  1. As someone who works out regularly this is all very good advice – also find what you enjoy doing too, whether it’s walking, weight training, dancing – you’ll have a better chance sticking to it if you enjoy it


  2. Fabulous tips! I love slow & steady- that is so important! It can always feel overwhelming at the beginning when you see what you want to accomplish, but it’s just taking that next step & the next step & the next step… that adds into the big picture! Thanks for the reminder and the post!

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