Greetings From Florida #3

A couple weeks ago we found out about Leu Gardens and imminently knew we needed to go! This weekend felt like the perfect time, so on Sunday we took a little trip over!

The first thing I noticed was how easy it was to find. We had our GPS on but once we were in the area,we really didn’t need it. They have signs everywhere that point which way to go on the roads. We also noticed so many other cool places we want to check out soon! This is definitely an area we would consider moving closer to!

When we got there, they have a big parking lot right in front of the building which was so nice to see because it was so close to downtown we were a little worried about the parking situation. It’s $10 per adult which I thought was pretty reasonable considering you can spend however long you want in there.

They give you a map and explain all the different areas there are to check out and off you go! This is honestly one of the most calming places ever. They don’t tell you to be quiet, but everyone is so respectful, and the grounds are so big that you are by yourself a lot of the time only crossing paths with others.

Now I will let the pictures do the talking, you’ve been warned, there are a lot!


We will definitely be back and next time will bring lunch! We had already planned to go somewhere else, but they have so many cute benches in different parts of the garden where you could enjoy a little picnic. We also decided this is at the top of the list of places to take people when they visit.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!



23 thoughts on “Greetings From Florida #3

  1. Aw, I live so close to here! Leu Gardens does a great movie night, you should try that out! It’s free, you just bring chairs/blankets and whatever food you want. I sometimes go with a group of friends for like a big date night and we all bring different food to share.

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