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Holiday Decor Tips & Tricks On A Budget!

Happy Wednesday!

I’ve been obsessing over all my christmas decorations lately just like most everyone on Instagram! While it’s up, I’ve been wanting to soak it in! I wanted to share what our house is looking like over the holidays but also share a couple tricks I found for decorating on a budget!

You never realize how many decorations your family has until you  move out on your own. Over the last couple years, I’ve slowly been growing my own collection but lets get real, it’s expensive! Especially around Christmas time when there are so many other things to buy. Because trust me you won’t think about buying decorations until it’s Christmas time.

Slowly but surely I’ve gotten pieces I love and try to find sales (Michaels and Target are great the closer you get to Christmas!) to not break the bank! Here are just a couple simple things I’ve done to help with my decorating budget!

 photo 4C123FCE-8D8B-4F38-9264-A4E772EBEFEF_zpslnixpdy5.jpg
 photo D54BA79A-75AF-4004-A6F9-24B7A8556CFC_zps2ikdjx8f.jpg
 photo F7C840D2-2C3F-4C8F-81A5-E19B270ACB63_zpswhrjer8x.jpg
 photo 1DFAE305-D7D2-47F7-B257-03AC1910F679_zps6jotnxv7.jpg
 photo 19D390E8-7BBD-4812-81AE-46D140163EBD_zpswkpcgxmf.jpgI picked up some little wooden tree’s in the dollar section at target! Random little decor like this can take something a little plain and make it that much more festive!

 photo F03CC149-28C9-4481-A9F2-C73201971A5F_zpsj0b82q45.jpg
 photo 89AF7AA4-8386-4C7B-97DB-7DD46C8E7F85_zpsibbmvrrt.jpg
 photo C6659484-5962-4807-B78A-585093D668D1_zps4uiycjcy.jpgLast year I bought this red and silver tinsel for $3. The pack came with one really long piece of each and I ended up cutting them apart to decorate multiple places! 

 photo 096FAD53-9647-41EE-99B9-A409FD53FECF_zpsaabc3blg.jpg
 photo E8F4B512-6672-497F-9C0A-27D7E60F2E4E_zpsul0cpylw.jpg

This is the one I’m most proud of. Last year I needed a tree skirt last minute before people were coming over. I went to the dollar store on my lunch to find anything to cover down there. I found the one below and thought even if it ripped I didn’t care! It’s now the second year using it and one of the things people always compliment when coming over! Sometimes simple is better! And you would never guess it was only $1!

What are some of your favorite decorations?



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