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Greetings From Florida #4

Happy Wednesday! The count down to Christmas is real and I can’t wait! Although it’s so crazy how fast this month flew by! Actually, it’s crazy how fast the end of this whole year flew by! We’ve already been in Florida three months! Insane!

My first three Greetings From Florida posts covered some great places I’ve gotten to visit and explore but I realized that one of my favorite things to do when visiting somewhere hasn’t been talked about yet. Checking out new breweries and local restaurants!

After visiting Leu Gardens the other day, we went down the road to Ten10 Brewing for some lunch. This is my favorite kind of brewery and something we had been missing since leaving California. We had a couple of these very  close to home so we were happy to find some here!

 photo 0423098C-534A-46C5-9974-9540C4A17144_zpszilgfmmh.jpg
 photo 4CB06FC8-546B-4BE6-A10E-CA5391B640B9_zpsl0vskinf.jpg

When you walk in they have a huge selection of beer and a big shelf of games to pick from. We picked out some games and some beer and relaxed! Unlike normal restaurants it has such a relaxed feel and you feel as if you could sit there for hours. We played Guess Who, and let me tell you that game is hilarious! I forgot how fun it was. We also got ourselves a pretzel to split and a grilled cheese. It was all amazing!

 photo 1013802F-1AB7-46D1-9095-FB2ED19AA003_zpsbbfie91j.jpg
 photo 476837FE-B730-46F3-A50D-F22287E21A76_zpsio7vhutv.jpg
 photo B0B19EEE-26E1-47D2-96DB-5FE71E5CEC66_zpswixy6tfv.jpg
 photo FB362FB2-E2D5-4368-8571-FBFE69F67D75_zpsynt7mqx5.jpg

We also loved all the beer we tried and ended up taking a growler of it home! If you aren’t familiar with a growler, they are big bottles that hold about five beers in them. I love displaying the bottles at home, of places we’ve been!

 photo 8C9F741B-A53E-4250-9C8D-D334CC307C82_zpsyaccgfmk.jpg

Just like all the places I’ve mentioned, this is absolutely a place I would think to take people when visiting or wanting to hang out on the weekends! If you’ve missed my other Greetings From Florida posts you can check them out here, here, aaaaaand here.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!



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