Blog Swap! How To Make Your Own Christmas Traditions in 5 Ways

Happy Friday Babes! I’m so excited for this weekend!(Obviously!) Today I’m enjoying bagel Friday and waiting for the work day to be over!!

This is a post I did over on Allison’s blog and just had to share it over here! I’m talking all about my Adult Christmas traditions! 🙂

How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways

What time is it?! Blog swap time! I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with these posts already but for those of you who aren’t, today Allison and I will be swapping places and giving you the scoop on our updated Christmas traditions now that we’re adults! I’m so excited to be sharing with you guys and don’t forget to go check out Allison over on my blog and see what her traditions are!

Now let’s get to it!

1.Getting ornaments as souvenirs

Getting ornaments from the trips we’ve been on isn’t just at Christmas time, but it is one of my most favorite traditions! Whenever we visit somewhere we pick up an ornament and I can’t wait to add to the collection! I definitely need a Florida one!

2.Picking out the tree the weekend after Thanksgiving

Getting our tree and decorating is a pretty common tradition…

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