Our Christmas Day

Happy Monday!

Today I’m off work, still enjoying the holiday weekend and couldn’t be happier! We started the Christmas festivities on Christmas Eve tracking Santa (a favorite of mine since I was little) and then spent Christmas Day having good food, good drinks, watching the Disney Parade, face timing with family, and enjoyed all the Christmas movies! It was a perfect, relaxed day just together.

I wanted to show you a little bit of our Christmas together before getting back to what’s left of this holiday weekend! I can’t believe how fast it’s already gone by!

 photo F50F6B3F-FA7A-4787-82F4-963906C8D15E_zpskapg0dho.jpg photo 11576E5F-0565-4E4B-BCDC-DE254EE7A678_zpsbycamo9j.jpg photo FC815E53-3182-42FB-AAF1-35E53846BEFF_zpsi4hfa6ke.jpg photo 2C6B1350-2926-476B-A7B2-FC32BFCE43C3_zps6xu5tapa.jpg photo 3351C99F-58D2-421E-833F-1A959E6D8E16_zpsll4vabif.jpg photo 04DF73EB-94CD-4477-8647-FF9660B4F842_zpsxgngmrnr.jpg photo 387C0217-69BD-4F56-86B6-661FBCC2B866_zps3jmcg1zg.jpg photo F25542A2-CC16-4532-A4C1-0BCB2EF46258_zps6cmwsxs7.jpg photo E6D94B76-8B0C-4688-9DEE-42C436FB3E41_zpsts06m3ym.jpg photo F5786E2C-01FB-4C8F-8F45-A3D5EBC911D6_zpsme5zow1z.jpg photo 04CA8915-C385-4264-A3DB-34B7CBF790AF_zps8bhxxusn.jpg photo AEE46472-3DCE-4715-ABC1-BA45E588FA2C_zpsftx1lk10.jpg photo CA757120-632C-4CAB-B033-A659C68F65D7_zpsnryjgjnp.jpg photo 44B2C768-D03B-48AB-AA2C-C6B7F1796EB3_zps9apx56dj.jpg

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend and a wonderful Christmas πŸ™‚



19 thoughts on “Our Christmas Day

  1. This is amazing! OMG I wish my Christmas was like this! I agree with the sliced ham. Super duper easy. I can do a TG or Christmas meal in like an hour as long as I’m not roasting a turkey (I have never roasted a Turkey hahahaha)! You guys look so happy – yay!!!

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