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16 Unforgettable Moments of 2016

Happy Wednesday and Happy New Year!!!

I spent the weekend celebrating at home and hitting the town! I took Monday as a rest day and didn’t get off the couch once! Sometimes you just need those days!

Today I wanted to look back and reminisce on 2016 at all the wonderful moments!

1.Family Cruise!

 photo 7CEAEA5F-F528-4C06-9EDC-7713CBD59379_zpsziqnl3vh.jpg

2.A trip to the desert and most hillarious/awful spill! 



 photo 584841D4-D378-4142-B353-938ECC781860_zpsn7ipyeof.jpg

4.Getaways with my guy!

 photo 5350609B-BAC2-4DB6-9696-E2CA678CD46B_zpsv8gpjxye.jpg

5.4th of July!

 photo 32DC833F-A57C-4392-8FB7-8EB6B50A12E1_zpsrb11fwyo.jpg

6.More besties getting married!

 photo A9435B82-F107-4824-BF11-12BE6EE3C448_zps0ygjqcic.jpg

7.Sunday Fundays/ Game Nights!

 photo 6A19A289-A900-4ABF-9C7E-B74C36D15FE8_zpsldqwxnuy.jpg

8.Brew Fest!

 photo EE529AD7-EC68-46CE-A853-017EF68BE261_zpsqbws733l.jpg

9.A weekend in Tahoe!

 photo 43A7906E-C967-4165-9B66-6682ADC61324_zpsieznja7y.jpg

10.Birthday & Going Away Party!

 photo BC9C571E-4372-46C1-B9E4-A3DD030ACEAE_zpsxpyl41fc.jpg

11. Roadtrip/ Moving to Florida!

 photo C4DC80C6-F843-4D55-81EE-E3272EA95D95_zps5iiadswr.jpg

12.Our first Hurricane!

 photo CE9555F7-D3C4-46AD-8E24-27B96BAF3527_zpsk1v3blms.jpg

13. Exploring Florida!

 photo 74298A58-63A9-43ED-A54C-19FE8CCAD410_zpsfmydxfwt.jpg

14. Being Disney Annual Passholders!

 photo 28ED87AC-B904-4721-9F1A-BAC5535F8A3D_zpshz8l7gyn.jpg

15.Seeing family I haven’t seen in years!

 photo 08944104-2015-4B76-B88C-394C280DF8BF_zpsgswnwmn6.jpg

16.Our first solo holidays!

 photo 1E357B14-EBC5-45CC-BA4F-BDBA9B8ACD3D_zps7kcjjgcf.jpg

Here’s to another great year!!! 🙂



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