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Dermaflash Exfoliating Treatment 

Happy Friday!!!

I’ve been so excited to share this post with you guys for weeks! I wanted to give myself time to try out this product to see what I really thought about it!

 photo 35542F90-68D6-4688-8B15-DD2919199551_zps5lexkznz.jpg
 photo 7CCA4875-EE34-4242-8C65-D1BA2A22F0EC_zpsosickw8d.jpg

Thanks to Influenster and Dermaflash I was able to try the new Dermaflash Exfoliating Facial Treatment! It’s simple to use and they have many step-by-step directions that come inside. They also prompt you to watch a video before using the product so you can ensure you are comfortable with how it works!

I received the Dermaflash exfoliator and The Essentials box. In the essentials you get one bottle of the prep (step one), one bottle of the smooth (step three), and the razors.

 photo 0662D045-6020-4FDC-B1F9-3EF9B06B3F01_zpstfnzzfhe.jpg
 photo 8408FE40-DBD7-497D-9FC3-EA33444C1324_zpsln5dr6re.jpg

When I received my product, I was so excited to get started! You have to plug it in over night before the first use and I immediately plugged mine in! After a lot of troubleshooting I realized mine had some sort of flaw and would not turn on. Even though this was such a bummer I was so incredibly impressed by Dermaflash and their customer service.

They have a direct line where you can call and get ahold of someone immediatly to troubleshoot with. They are friendly and helpful and the whole thing took only a couple  minutes. Once we realized mine was kaput, they sent me a label to send mine back and shipped me a replacement. Within five days everything was done and taken care of hassle-free.

Even though no one loves when things like this happens, it still does, and its so good to know a company will be helpful and make the best of a situation.

Now on to the product! I’ve used it multiple times now and have to say I’m really loving it! It makes my skin feel smooth immediately but the biggest change I see is now my makeup applies. It goes on so smooth and really sinks into the skin. It takes some time to get used to using it but once you have it, it’s very easy. Also, no pain! Some people have asked and I definitely don’t feel it at all!

I would like to say that I think this product is best for people who either notice the little hairs on their face and want them gone to better help makeup application or beauty lovers and people who really love taking skin care and makeup to the next level. It is a great exfoliator, however, I don’t see it being an absolute necessity for everyone.

For me personally I’ve always noticed the little peach fuzz on my face and little bumps so this worked very well in my case!

Step one:  photo 5C87F4B3-6099-4F7B-8435-86F580378B64_zpsbzftwrp1.jpg
Step two:  photo D1520758-D6DF-4086-A4A7-2CE615312E8D_zpsdjb55oox.jpg
 photo C56A64D9-64B0-49FA-8C0C-1AB3D653413B_zpskqalgocj.jpg
Step three:  photo DAA0F8D4-4C58-4060-B1B9-6A00C5E7080D_zpsmq5z2prp.jpg
Last, but not least, discard the razor and you’re done! You will know they are used if they don’t have a blue spot on them! photo 32E51199-A00B-4EDA-BEB3-1FDDC14C2B21_zpsfujfwjzg.jpg

I would love to hear if any of you have tried this product or something like it and what you think! Hope you all have an amazing weekend!

I received these items complimentary for testing purposes. However, all opinions are my own.



6 thoughts on “Dermaflash Exfoliating Treatment 

  1. This is really cool!! After the facial razor craze hit, I picked up a few handheld ones & have been using them every once in a while. I’d be curious to try this one out though – what a great product to test!!

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