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My Powerhouse Salad

Happy Monday!! Today I feel so refreshed. This weekend I got the cleaning and relaxation that I needed and it was wonderful! This week is also Nick’s birthday week, so festivities all week long will be happening!

For the last  couple weeks, my mom’s been telling me about a salad she’s been making at home that she’s absolutely obsessed with. A little back story: my mom and I love salad bars! When I lived closer to her, we would always go out to pizza and get the salad bar as well. We both love all the fun toppings you can add.

I knew with her talking about it so much I just had to try it for myself and make it my own! I’m also trying to really fuel my body with great things so what better way than a powerhouse salad in the middle of the day!

One thing about me you should know is I really don’t like kale. To me it’s bitter and the texture is what really gets me! I just can’t handle it! I always want to like it though because I know how many benefits it has. My new solution: baby kale! It has wonderful benefits and I really enjoy it. Once I had the base figured out I just tried to top it with great things to fuel me through the day that wouldn’t make me feel sluggish!

Powerhouse Salad: Baby Kale, Sliced Red Beats, Chick Peas, Artichoke Hearts, Chicken or Turkey, Onion, Tomato, Avocado, and Cottage Cheese! I love doing cottage cheese instead of dressing! Try it out! Also, if you still feel it’s a little too dry I add a tiny bit of fat free ranch. The cottage cheese always seems to do a good job though!

 photo BA5F1175-DC42-4265-B711-C499A9BC8328_zps1oadfhop.jpg photo 3C9A545A-77F0-4B54-AF50-637847BBF23E_zpsgdsrrgkd.jpg

My mom said what she loves about this salad (and I guess pretty much any salad) is you can throw anything into it! Just look in your pantry and fridge and add! 🙂

Even though I really do wish I could have pizza, sandwiches, and chick-fil-a everyday for lunch, that’s just not possible and all those things leave me feeling too full and wanting a nap. I’ve really started to crave this salad and will definitely be having this a couple times a week!

I also love making a smaller portion for a dinner side! Another side note: who else loves beets?? I absolutely love them and think it’s one of the best parts of this salad and had no idea most people hate them!!

I hope you’re all having a great week and kicking butt at whatever goals you’ve set for yourself!!



16 thoughts on “My Powerhouse Salad

  1. Go you and your healthy self. Dude i wish i could eat that combination of healthy things but I’m getting there. Happy birthday Nick! It’s my birthday next Monday too 🙂

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  2. Ahh I love salad bars! Any place that has one instantly becomes my favorite! This recipe looks so yum, not a huuuuge beet fan, but I do love cottage cheese. Never really thought to put that on my salads at home…I’ve been inspired! XO

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