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Blog Swap! Kicking Off 2017 the Right Way!

It’s blog swap day! Woot woot! The first blog swap of 2017! So what better way to start the blog swapping off than to talk about how I’m kicking 2017 off?! Be sure to check out how Kaitlyn is starting the year over on my blog today too!

There’s always something about starting a new year…it’s a time to clean the soul, purge, and get ready for something totally new. Okay, okay, have I ever “cleaned my soul”? No. I don’t even know how to do that, but it does sound appealing right?

This year there’s been a few things that I’ve been doing in the last couple weeks to prep for a brand new year, new me.

Goal Setting

Goal Setting has been huge for me this year already! In previous years, I’ve set goals for myself, but the more broad type goals, like the “do more of this”, “make more time for that”. This year I decided to go a different route and set some specific goals for myself. One of them is “Do a pull up.” Yes, that’s right. Just one. That’s all I need. I can’t do one, I’ve never been able to do one, and I’d like to be able to at least one by the end of the year (if not more!)!

 photo FBF04600-44EF-429A-95AF-36A5981CA30D_zpscxebtbp2.jpg

Clean and Purge

I went absolutely nuts in this little apartment of mine and I cleaned every room! Like legit cleaned it. Like I first did a sweep of the whole place and picked up everything and tucked things away. Then I went room by room and went through all of the cupboards and closets and really organized the shit out of everything. It felt SO good! Now I’m ready to take on whatever 2017 brings into my home!

 photo F9359531-CC96-479E-86CF-9ADA4D895F2D_zpsdcioveok.jpg
 photo F421991C-C39C-4D3C-9609-F5C1C1988FE8_zpskcaukl4h.jpg

Set Up the New Planner

Out with 2016 and in with 2017 means out with the old planner (which I failed to use about every other month) and in with my new Moleskine planner! I honestly have been having a blast filling it out. I’ve been using it to help schedule blog posts and jot down ideas for new posts and it is really helping! I totally rely on it already!

 photo DD238B67-2F30-4FFC-9725-E476217A6FE0_zpsoj8zn0ku.jpg
 photo 2B275CF5-F80C-4259-90DC-CD2661C30F9B_zpsauxfhtgi.jpg
 photo 91C63DDC-40CA-4521-A22F-AC1A84E4B8EC_zpsmjaj7jnj.jpg

Take Some Time to Unwind and Recharge

I don’t know about you guys, but the entire last month of 2016 was absolutely craziness. Lots of shopping, social events, holidays; it was just a whirlwind! We decided to spend the first couple of weekends of 2017 laying low, just giving ourselves time to unwind, relax, put stuff away, and have no plans whatsoever. It was perfect. Now I’m ready to PARTY! Bring on 2017!

 photo 6FD4B51E-29FC-4E4A-B902-B5F0C25100BF_zpsz2uzfn8n.jpg
 photo 975BFF82-FDCB-4345-8607-20EB62940465_zpshmu557gx.jpg
 photo 047A638B-98CF-425A-B6B6-45A0A9504A3B_zpsqxr0cans.jpg

What kinds of things are you guys up to at the beginning of this new year?? What helps you feel like you’re getting ready to kick some serious 2017 ass?!



3 thoughts on “Blog Swap! Kicking Off 2017 the Right Way!

  1. Love this! I’m currently organising the shit out of my closet…who knew i was such a hoarder. jeez!! I hope it gives me a kick up the butt to be more organised this year!


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