A Day All For Yourself 

Happy Friday! This weekend we are heading to Disneyworld to really celebrate Nick’s birthday! Right now I’m currently counting down the hours until work is over and it’s officially the weekend so we can start celebrating!

This week the blog has been all about resolutions, organizing goals, and making them happen! One thing that wasn’t covered however was laying back and not doing shit! That’s right, a whole day of not giving any fucks!

One of my resolutions was to take time for me and I meant it! I think everyone will agree you are much more enjoyable to be around when you’ve had some down time!

Whatever that means for you, do it! Here’s how I do a whole lot of nothing!

Mimosa in hand and a little blogging 

 photo 8686331E-CCA5-4CDA-87F0-A5904D89BEC5_zpsj1svqvw4.jpg

Having food delivered 

 photo 98E87AAE-6A76-4F93-A31E-05B7B03CC8FD_zpskvp6lqnb.jpg

Taking a photo with your face mask or it didn’t happen! 


Games on games on games! 

 photo AD7EC5D6-706D-4D29-8700-9353B49C85D0_zpsgoe8anxx.jpg
 photo D900A352-8181-420B-8F37-788B40232873_zpstwfizfm6.jpg

Catching up on the important reads 

 photo 164D7242-F465-436F-BF45-1322F4EDC755_zpshvtwu46j.jpg

What are some of the things you do/don’t do on a lazy day? I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



17 thoughts on “A Day All For Yourself 

  1. Girl! I love it all! Celeb stalking magazines. Ordering in. Cards against humanity. I’ve actually thought of making my own cards against humanity! Have a fun weekend😄

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  2. Oh man I could use a real lazy day! On the rare occasions when this happens I like to lay in bed until I’m fully awake and just start to get uncomfortable. I’m also a sucker for curling up under the blankets and reading. 😍

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