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Current Favorites: Affordable Skincare!  

Happy Wednesday!! I’m gonna be honest, this week has been rough for some reason! You ever have those weeks where you just don’t feel yourself? That’s totally how I’ve been feeling! Starting to feel better today but this mood is really making me want a weekend!

I wanted to share some skin care items I’ve been absolutely loving lately! Like, I’m pretty dang obsessed right now and can’t get enough! Also, they are all under $10 and actually most are under $3. You just can’t beat that!!

Let’s get into it!

Studio 35 Beauty Face Masks: I got these on a whim at Walmart and was so surprised how well they worked. I do believe there is a reason skin care can get pricey, but when you find something that works and is super affordable you don’t question it and just go with it!

 photo D6C7A345-ABD2-4824-8449-EBBC7183F8A8_zpsam2m977l.jpg

I can’t get enough of these face masks! I could say 101 things I love about them! Let’s start with they are $1.99! I mean what?! Also, I put a pretty generous amount on and can get about 3 uses out of each packet! I just put them in a plastic bag to keep them fresh!

 photo 61C12BB8-9998-4DA0-8BEF-9FEA15B51D75_zpsgkspuo1l.jpg

My skin has been so out of whack and every single mask I’ve tried from them helps! The detoxifying and deep cleansing makes my skin feel fresh and the coconut moisturing one gives my skin life! I was getting a ton of dry skin no matter what I did and there is nothing worse than when your makeup catches on dry skin!

 photo 6E94A413-5D4F-4482-8F0B-0DEC5458523B_zpshhjciyit.jpg
 photo ABE5965F-8683-470F-A30C-1BA15A9A2E1E_zpsrlgpo0uz.jpg

My main favorite is I feel the effects of the masks working way after I’ve used them; not just for the first couple moments after removal. Also last side note: the peel-off masks are literally the easiest ones I’ve ever taken off! No pain and can peel off all in one go!

The other day I found these for buy one, get one 50%. Day made. 

Coconut Miracle Oil Lotion: I picked this up at Walgreens recently and have been loving it! My skin is so soft without being greasy and the smell is what really gets me! It’s absolutely amazing! For drugstore lotions it’s a bit pricier at $9.99 but you get almost 19.5 oz which is a lot of bang for your buck!

St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub: This stuff is amazing! Nick’s mom sent this to me for Christmas as a little stocking stuffer and I’m already obsessed! I use it as a hand scrub before moisturizing and my hands are the softest ever! I love doing this before bed! Since a little goes a long way and I’m using it on only my hands this will last forever!

Have any of you used some of these items? What affordable skin care have you been loving?



9 thoughts on “Current Favorites: Affordable Skincare!  

  1. I only use Retin-A, a moisturizer, and a face wash with no soap, dye, fragrance for sensitive skin – not in that order! 😉 It’s the power combo it took me years to find and it works great for me. Glad you’re having fun with you’re drugstore haul and your beautiful face!!! ❤

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  2. I’ve definitely got to try out these face masks! And I’ve never thought to try Apricot scrub on my hands!!! They’ve been getting so much slack in the news lately about being too harsh on your face I guess? Idk, but I’m totally trying this on my hands – such a great idea!

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    1. I heard that too!! I used to use the Apricot scrub on my face all the time in HS and then stopped and never thought to just use it on my hands!! The masks are a MUST! You will love!! 💕


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