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Wunderbrow Review

Happy Friday!!! This week has been something else guys!! Nick has been on a job hunt and has just got an offer yesterday! To say I’m excited is an understatement! I can feel stress melting away and I am so happy to have this weekend!

I recently purchased the brow gel from Wunderbrow and have been loving it! I think brows make such a difference and this really changed the game!

 photo 7BE350AC-F247-41F6-AE5A-C44292E51926_zps9mismm6d.jpeg
 photo 07207060-D014-4A5B-8618-8EAFC834D95D_zpsl7njb7mp.jpg

Wunderbrow is known for how well the product stays. I’ve slept and showered with this stuff on and it WONT BUDGE. Not kidding. I should mention when I’m in the shower I don’t wash that area with soap but no other product has done this for me. I can rub my brows and the product still looks flawless. Once soap is applied it comes off so easily which is nice considering I don’t want to spend forever rubbing it off.

What I really loved about this product is how well you can really define how you want your brows to look. For my face I really like a more natural look. However, really easily I can amp it up and have a more defined fierce brow if I choose.

 photo D76E2C68-EA4B-4A58-AA3C-B9B415CC6B43_zpsnojuzumr.jpg

One brow filled in

 photo BCBEC8AD-BC81-430A-9176-C5DC2759E091_zpsyso42ckw.jpg


 photo 9E7BAD60-82D8-4DC5-B883-BAB1DF745EF2_zpsm2ac5gqj.jpg
 photo 9881264F-75DF-4E76-998D-2CDED6CD0A67_zpsj9axz6up.jpg

I also sent this to my sister as a Christmas gift and she’s been loving it! She has amazing brows and I need to learn her ways because she’s been snap chatting me photos and I’m just like how?!?

 photo 271E6717-EFDF-4255-AC4E-14091991C259_zpspj6o8czb.jpg

Have you guys ever tried this product? What are some of your favorite go-to brow products?  Have a great weekend!



13 thoughts on “Wunderbrow Review

    1. Yes! It’s a must! You gotta let me know what you think if you try it! My sister has used that pencil as well that smudging was really her only complaint. I will have to try that too!


  1. I have seen this product all over FB and have been mesmerized by their promo videos! I had no idea if it was legit, but I’m so glad to hear that you’ve had a positive experience. I may add it to my must-try list!!

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