Life Update & Disney Days 

Happy Monday Babes! This is the first Monday in a while that I’m feeling fresh and rejuvenated! I usually try to add a little bit here and there what’s going on in my life in each post but today I thought I would take a little time and do a quick life update!

Nick and I’ve been a little stressed and anxious lately while he’s been on the job hunt and he just got a great job offer last week! I’m just so excited for him and it’s so sweet to see him so excited this past weekend! The interview process can take weeks and this one was no different so that’s when the stress really set in. It wasn’t that stressful until we really wanted him to get this job. If that makes sense!

 photo 899E1573-1669-4B5B-9791-E83D6FA476C4_zps3czz1iue.jpg
 photo F05BB8AB-430C-4796-A496-F4B64BBA9D87_zpsfbzptit0.jpg

In other news we are on the count down to fun trips and fun visits! March is going to be such a wonderful month filled with family and I just can’t wait! Our cruise is in March and you know what that means. WORK OUT MODE. I’ve been trying to be my own motivation and remember not only how I looked when I was in really good shape but how I felt!

We’ve been spending extra time lately getting in those workouts and also meal prepping so we stay on track. I gotta be real though and say there have been a couple times (like when we found out about Nick’s job and dinner this past weekend) that we splurged a little. But hey you still gotta live right?!

 photo 323A54D7-A216-404C-BC66-870869CA6386_zpscwndjade.jpg
 photo A6146285-A7B2-48FE-8371-6322BD9B7CCC_zpsxny3dyvp.jpg
 photo 6781965C-B954-49F5-92E1-E9AFAC66F60F_zpsfhlq1hbw.jpg

Working out did really help me clear my head though in the past couple weeks and I can’t wait to keep it up!

Also in the plans are all the places we are wanting to visit soon! Definitely some beach town visits coming soon! This year is off to an exciting start but also way too quick! Really, where does the time go?

I hope you all have a great week 🙂



14 thoughts on “Life Update & Disney Days 

  1. Ooh, where are you going on a cruise to? I hope you’ll take a ton of pics and then blog about it. Ha, ha. Now that I’m a preggo mama, it’ll be a little while before I make it on a cruise again. So I’ll live through your experiences. 😉

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  2. Such exciting news about the job!!! Congratulations to Nick!! Great news like that it definitely worth a splurge! I find it so awesome that you guys in pop into Disney all of the time — that is the coolest thing!!!

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