Beach Day Bikinis! 

Happy Wednesday! March is approaching faster and faster and it’s going to be filled with family and many beach days and also last but not least: our long awaited cruise!

I’ve had my eye on the prize and that prize is bathing suits! I really want to get some new ones before all the fun starts and I won’t let myself buy them yet!(workout motivation!)

I’ve been loving so many different styles that I’ve seen lately and recently found a site with a ton of cute ones on it! All of these suits are from and I’ve never purchased from them before but am already obsessed with a lot of these suits.

I will keep you all updated with what I finally pick, but I definitely need at least one solid suit and one pattern style in my life! 

 photo 9C57772D-1C30-4870-B72F-013A3C63385A_zpsonzom2nt.jpg

 photo 5CD2F555-6222-4CB3-AAD5-6890517DB6F7_zpspj1krllw.jpg
 photo 3907CA56-E35F-494F-ABB3-E4336EF453F7_zpsvkggyhs2.jpg
 photo C687EE42-87FA-4F93-8818-B6917737EC83_zpsu70wxznu.jpg
 photo 55CE584A-0367-4EDF-99A0-0D695543A7AA_zpszwi7mqkh.jpg

Are these not the cutest high necks ever?? 

 photo C7AF7AA8-6B66-4BD2-93F7-9F802CF7CC4B_zpscc6hrfxi.jpg
 photo 11BF16BC-2CD2-43CF-8740-E8CDE8E5ED64_zpsvjmv7squ.jpg

What style suits are you loving right now? I would love to hear if you have heard of or where you love to get suites usually!



23 thoughts on “Beach Day Bikinis! 

  1. I was going to comment that I love the red bikini, but I kept scrolling down and I love them all!! I have never heard of before, thanks for sharing and letting me know about it.

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      1. OMG I’m so jealous, I’d love to go to those places. Can’t wait to see your posts. Seriously you should be like a fun life coach. Like fun plan other people’s lives n stuff! 😀

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    1. That is my most favorite one right now! I really think I just need it in my life! I’ve now gotten to the point where the cruise is close but not that close so I’m torturing myself thinking about it all the time lol

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  2. Oh my gosh, those are the cutest!! The first two I LOVE! I don’t know how cheeky I could go, but if I could, I’d want ’em! The scalloped palm trees are adorable too and I love the high necks, I really want a high neck suit this year. TBH, I’ve actually hopped on the one piece train! I picked up a couple one piece suits last year and loved everything about wearing them! I’ve been dying to do a little swimsuit shopping for the Summer! Definitely checking this site out!

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    1. Ugh that is my ONE struggle with these! I like a bottom much more like the palm tree ones. I don’t like to go way too cheeky but I love these and hope to at least find something like them in a better bottom for me. lol. And I am SO curious about one pieces. I never wear them and really feel like I should!

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